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Obedience for dogs

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  • you are really good .. excelent! I also have a Pomeranian puppy 4mos I want to train him, but I do not know how to begin .. each tip plssss

  • very nice job

  • Thank you! Your bird rescue is commendable! I wanted smaller birds to rescue from a shelter, but would like to build a large enough cage so they can fly and have a little normal behavior, while keeping the house clean – a work in progress. If you are looking for “Atlas of the Pomeranian” GreatWriteUp or watch other videos, you will see Atlas walk on the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire or catching his frisbee. He is a nice guy to have around!

  • Adorable! Good Job! >)

  • @ @ Meimeixoxxo meimeixoxxo Atlas I started training when I brought him back from the Wicomico County Shelter, at eight weeks old. He learned quickly, as I would tell him things he would do anyway. This approach helped him gain the confidence that he could succeed, and repetition helped our communication and interest in learning – which is very important for doing more advanced skills or working with distractions (other dogs, people walking by, etc) .

  • when did you start training him?

  • Thanks for the kind words! Boof! Atlas T. Pomerania

  • Saw you on the local news! He is a cute dog … Be careful out there!

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