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Our government is “training” us for martial law?

joseph_alabat Question : Is our government “training” us for martial law Listen to the script of this video, and to recall recent events in America. A conditioning seems to be mirroring dog training for citizen training … for full acceptance without bloodshed for the newcomer to a baby named … fascisme.http :/ / American that would normally resist Abebe: fascism (the new kid in town) TRAINER: The media, showing signals of more more glaring of which is in the New World conformité.Obéissez or die of starvation .. Best answer : Answer by ducky

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  • No, I think you’re looking for conspiracy where none exists!

  • my parents lived through the law martiale.par communism, fascism is I doubt that has something, fascism leads to destruction very detailed and structured. Communism corrupted, a slow and tortuous end.

  • quite the contrary …. the PEOPLE by abdicating their responsibilities ….. By placing an immediate gratification of long-term gain .. Replacing the moral … to hedonism …… Asking what their government can do for them .. are those who train the state of being master of all things … as long as the state can not maintain the illusion of a comfortable life for all, people will surrender their souls to be happy …

  • No

  • Yes they are. We were supported by a cabal of right any wrong that wishes to destroy our country and to get what they want.

  • You give our government more credit than they deserve. They serve their own interests … the best, they have been for decades … the time our country began to go to hell and that people started to hate us.

  • It certainly looks like … They continue to mock drills across the U.S. about what to do in case of an emergency involving entire towns. Children are taken hostage in schools with armed cops, without their parents realize that what is happening until it passe.Le next group of young people will be even more lost than the group current graduates. Sad that they do not even know what it means to live in a free society, no more.

  • Good observation Sherlock ;-), I doubt that most people have an idea of ​​what you are talking about. I noticed however that more people are waking up, perhaps as late. Not only our government is pushing new world order, the number of terrorists is alarming given our open borders.Americans south should not be comfortable.

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