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Owning a weimaraner and a cat – bad idea?

Question by Dexter goes rawr: Owning a weimaraner and a cat – bad idea?

I love cats, and my boyfriend loves weimaraners. I’ve read a lot of information on the internet about how this breed of dogs are very bad with cats and often hurt or kill them due to their hunting instincts. My boyfriend keeps trying to convince me that we can get both because he can “train” his dog not to hurt my cat.

I really don’t want to get a cat only to have it killed a few weeks or months later by his dog. I plan to have my cat be indoor only, and the dog will definitely be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Is there anyway to own both a cat and weimaraner? Would getting a puppy and kitten at the same time and raising them together lower the chances of him hurting the cat?


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Answer by MM2008
I don’t think it would be a problem if you get both a puppy and a kitten and let them grow up with each other. I have a beagle who was raised with my cats and they were fine. You can teach the puppy to be gentle with your cat. I also had a German Shepherd with those cats . All she did was play with them. I think my cats think they are dogs. LOL… Good Luck with your search for your new puppy/kitten 🙂

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  • Your boyfriend is right. Get the two at the same time and they’ll be great together.
    My girlfriend has 5 Weimaraners and they all are perfectly fine with her two cats but will chase strange cats off the property.
    It’s all in the training.

  • i think if u get a puppy and a kitten it will be fine.
    they get used to each other.

  • My friend has a weimaraner and 2 cats… the kitten and the weim snuggle together. They also have several small dogs (pom, poodle and an aussie terrier) and they all get along great. The weim will wrestle with the small dogs and with the cats.

  • Gee, your boyfriend is right…again 😀

  • Typically Weimaraners don’t do well with other dogs or small animals. However, this can be trained out of them through proper socialization when they are puppies. If a Weimaraner is consistently exposed to cats from birth, it will not have an issue with them when it’s an adult.

    More than likely, an adult Weimaraner would not do well with cats if he has never been around them before. So, get a puppy and remember to socialize, socialize, socialize.

    Best of luck!

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