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Paw Targeting – how tricks dog training clicker

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  • I just read an article about a seminar in Sweden and you have to spend all afternoon looking for your videos. They are rellay good and I use the same methods as you. My 4 month old golden retiever puppy loves this kind of activitys and really want to learn new things, and if I get my clicker they start to try things out. So great to see. Thanks for all the educational videos.

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  • My dog ​​uses its nose a lot and barely used her nose I tried this and it worked within ten minutes. : D Thank you for posting this.

  • Arent you afraid that even if the dog bite you if you give him a treat??

  • @ Kikopup if you want the to do this only if you want them to do (once you’ve mastered the course) what command / signal would you give

  • Hello I am not able to include you because you do not utoobe but I love you training tips

  • Hi this sounds really stupid, but how do you teach a dog to get use of the clicker and then using the clicker to sit? So sorry, it’s simple I just do not want to get one of my dogs in the wrong way

  • Thanks for posting such informative and inspirational videos. I taught my dog ​​to target with each leg and we are ready for a verbal cue for each leg. I searched for one of your videos to teach him this, but could not find it, can you give me advice for a verbal cue for each leg? Thank you!

  • Some dogs are sensitive to physical correction (not violently, just touch.) For example, a cocker spaniel will bite if they feel like you’re touching them on the wrong manier.Deze tutorial is good for touch-sensitive dogs like cockers and others how shaking teach. Another tutorial on how to shake said to pick up your dog’s paw and shake and say “good boy / girl.” a cocker probably wudnt so.

  • So helpful. I used this to get my puppy to shake Liberty. She hit on so fast.

  • Oh Geeze – sorry. Ignore my last comment. Computer’s weird and I can not delete – that should have been in the search bar, not in the comments bar. LOLOp a side note, great and informative video! Thx! 😉

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  • shit it really worked! thank you!

  • Haha I have a shihtzu and when I try to do with him that he wants to treat really bad, but he is afraid of what I am on top of it: (

  • Hello I was wondering what cue you use for each leg? Love your channel by the way! It’s amazing inspiering (sorry for my bad english I’m from Sweden)

  • Great job! I recently stumbled across your videos and they are all great and very clearly explained. I tried this with my puppy and within minutes he caught on. First he rolled over 15 times in a row and then barked at me, but once he figured it out, he was so eager to hit the target. I hope you do for a living, because you are very talented! ☺

  • I wanted my Westie paw focus on teaching, but I taught her the nose oriented. Now she just gets everything with her nose and would not have a leg to use. I was thinking of placing an object on a floor, and then for stepping on a target and then tilt the goal to make her touch as they all learn to go. Do you think it will work?

  • what is the target nose? I use the nose for goal? I say touch?

  • thank you! this way of training is much better than grabbing the leg, my dog ​​was not something to learn from the other side and they caught on to it very quickly using this technique! thank you! =]

  • I have a bulldog who likes his mouth / teeth way too much and if he does not receive the treatment because he is not with his paw he will start to chew my fingers in the way. Is this kind of training will have to wait until the future or is there a way around this? Also he sometimes scratches not the taper. I do not know if I should click on this, just because he was actually with his legs instead of his face, but I do not want to learn that he was a scratch lol

  • These are great videos! I love to show you how the process clean and with an untrained dog, a lot of other videos use dogs that have already been trained. keep making videos!

  • The reason why you need a clicker because it is a very distinct noise and there is nothing else like it, plus a click is incredibly fast. Think how much slower it is when you clap your hands. You want the right action marks the dog doesi. Another way to highlight would be to use a word like “yes!” or “good”. Again it is not as fast or accurate as a clicker.

  • Should I use a “clicker” or cant I just clap my hands or another clicking sound to have???

  • Pup has arrived and we started focusing on leg yesterday. He is a real dog’s nose, so we immediately – the leg is a bit longer!

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