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People with a past puppy PLEASEE HELP ME.?

livinforherx1 Question .? People with a past puppy PLEASEE HELP ME I got a new puppy 2 days ago. Every night, she does nothing but cry and whine. If I’m not right next to her, that’s all, she is too. She will not poop outside, alone in the kitchen. We work on the break, but it’s like beating a dead horse. Is all this crying and thirsty attention to stop? I can not sleep at night. Last night she pooped in her cage, even if it is “crate trained”. Im thinking makes all ready to get rid of it. I can not stay up all night and work all journée.ANYTIPS? Best response: Answer by

You’ve had it for two days! She has not even had time to settle, without talk to understand what his place and deployment in this strange new pack. She misses her mother and her brothers, she is afraid of being in a new place. It is confusing! It’s a baby! Need to cut off a heck of a game yet, and give him a considerable amount of extra time (like two weeks) prior to starting any training more serious than take him outside every half hour and praise when she goes to the bathroom there.

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  • try to leave a shirt on a garment that youve slept in the next to the puppy and take her outside regularly to stop her going in the kitchen

  • Oh my …. you need to let the puppy cry. It only takes a few nights. Try putting a blanket over the cage so that she can not see. She has to learn somehow. Do not go at it until matin.Prendre its water away in 19 hours …. take her for a walk and make sure it is crap. Keep it until like 23 hours ….. do not let her go to sleep until then. It should be pretty tired of not caring where she sleeps. If she wakes in the middle of the night, let pleurer.Elle is not yet formed body .. she is young. It will take some temps.Mon oldest dog has never liked the cash ….. but do not sleep there during the nuit.Ne get rid of her … be patient with her. You only had her for 2 days. It is only the beginning. It’s not all about cuddeling and love your puppy. His training, consistency and patients. Show him the rules and you will (soon) a large dog.

  • You could put a couple of teddies and a clock in his pen. She is missing her family. It will take several weeks to house train, I suggest you buy puppy pads put around a bit and as she starts using the reduce the numbers slowly and eventually put them out. This is a slow process. Before going to bed, have a good game with her, so she needs a sleep. Make sure she has toys to chew things and things in his pen to it pas.Je guess she is bored shit in her cage because she was upset.

  • Keyword here is you got her two days ago! You must have done your research before getting a dog. Our puppy Jackson cried all night for 3 whole weeks before he was educated enough to sleep in bed with us.

  • I have an idea! This should help to go around, if you put a clock or a clock that makes a ticking noise in his cage at night, she should go well at night. The ticking noise is a substitution of a heartbeat. We put a clock in a towel and the puppy of our layed next to him. It can help the consoler.Aussi, if you have stuffed animals around, that can help you if you throw in a cage with her aussi.En regarding the burglary, which will take some time. Something else that can help with that said, there are those mats you get at any pet store. There is a perfume or something that attracts the puppy to go to the bathroom on them, instead of your floor. ** Just in case of small attempts to go inside instead of outside *** Protect your floor 🙂 hope this helps! Good luck!

  • Well, you have 2 wait for a while, maybe a week to get used to being alone. I have a puppy too, and it took me a while to train him. Try giving him food money & force him out of shit and give him food when he does his business outside, and beat him, if he poops inside. Well, that’s all i noe. lol.

  • You can not train a puppy in two days. If you did a search before you came this puppy, you would have learned that training takes time and patience. ** BE PATIENT.Les weeping and moaning stops. Be sure to take water from your puppy until at least 1 hour before bedtime, it run a little, then give him a break last pot. Then bed. Cover the cage with a light cover for it can not see out, and leave your slippers or something else with your scent right outside the door box. She’ll think you’re still standing right there. Then when she cries, ignore it. Depending on his age, you may have to get up once in the middle of the night to let her out, perhaps for a week or two. Young puppies can not “hold” a very long time, you would have also learned that in your research before committing to a puppy! Crate training is great, but it does not mean that your puppy can stay there for endless hours and still be able to “hold”. If it is relieving himself in the crate, then there is either too long or it does not “go” before getting in. If she relieve herself on the kitchen floor, then you are not close enough supervising sound! Do not give him the opportunity to have an accident, get her outside in time, every time, and she will learn quickly that outside is the only place to “go.” Be patient, be consistent and watching like a hawk! With young puppies it also contributes to their attachment to you (attach a leash to your waist), so you can recognize the signs that she’s gotta ‘go’ and get her outside in time. Because your puppy will always be there beside you, you’ll also be able to catch it before it chews all your shoes in place (or other favorite puppies chew), and correct the behavior. These are things that puppies until we do not train them to do Good luck.

  • Well, someone with so little patience you should probably give up and get rid of the puppy before “beating a dead horse” beat a puppy becomes live.

  • I packed my puppy in my room. I was told that was the best because they can hear you, so they do not feel alone. If you do not try to do a radio. Do not give him attetion when she cries. Only take him out of the cage or the kitchen when she cries pas.Obtenez the cleaner that removes the Oder against accidents. If she feels her oder of a previous accident, she goes again. His reward for going outside. Pack plenty of snacks. Also take him to the spot outside to go potty. Stroll through its if it does not shit. Excercise can help make things happen. My dog ​​(11 months) after playing hard poops. Know and monitor his signs pot. (Sniffing the field and in the circles). Give it time. It will get better.

  • Why do not you reasearch all that is needed to care for a puppy before you get one? This puppy is counting on you to take care of her love and … NOT dispose of it because it is an inconvenience! I had my dog ​​for 10 years now and its got from a shelter when my husband and I volunteered there. His mother and litter were pushed into a laundry basket and literally thrown over the fence by the previous owners before they flew like cowards. Our dog has epilepsy now because of this trauma so we know what it is to care for a puppy with worms and captured while trying to housetrainin. We took care of her because she was about a week and I know that a puppy is difficult. You must know how long it takes for her to urinate and shit after eating and drinking. If it should go in an hour, make sure it is outside (you must be with her, do not just stick her outside by herself!) When it is his “time”. She will learn. He took our little girl about a week before that she understood what she should do. When she was ready, she walked to the door and paw at it to let us know she had to “go”.

  • There is a very important word you need to learn from your new puppy, the patience.Vous have had her 2 days! She needs a little time to adjust, it could take up to a week or two – You weep as if you had been torn from your mother and brothers and sisters. No puppy is crate trained in two days and if you leave it there too long, it will accideents. The rule of thumb to use for the meeting, it is # 1 for months, if it is 2 months (8 weeks), the longer it can hold, it is 3 hours – Any more and it will be forced to eliminate in the crate. This includes the night – She will need to go out at least twice during the nuit.Il takes more than two days to housebreak a puppy too. Most of them do not really get the hang of it until 10-12 weeks. You need to maintain consistency – Take her outside immediately when she wakes up, 5-10 minutes after eating or drinking something and every 2-3 hours on a regular basis. Stay with it until it goes away and his praise as theres no demain.Si she has an accident and you catch it, hitting and screaming not to distract, then carry it outside. If you did not catch him in the act, so do not scold her, she has no memory of anything wrong. In any case, clean the spot well with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the smell of this place, otherwise it’s going to retourner.Patience, patience and more patience is the right thing when it comes to new puppies !

  • my black lab that when we first got him he was like that for a good couple of weeks and we just clicked that he was missing his mom while he was a huge teddy bear to put it in its cage and stopped crying though he sees as his mummy hes 10 months now and still wont part of this teddy so why do not you try this and see what is going on and just listen i gaurentee u will have a quiet night goodluck .

  • he only had two days and you feel like giving up? you must be understanding a little more here your puppy has been removed from everything she knows and is missing his litter mates and mom, rule number one off getting a new puppy is to miss work to install them, she tries to understand his place in this new pack is confussed and try putting a clock in his cage at night and a jumper or shirt that you wore with her to help him s’ install, when she cries tell her no and then ignore the fact that you are getting on him about is saying that when she cries, she attracts the attention it will soon learn to set the night, the pooing will take time so be patient when it Poos outside make a big fuss of her and reward her with a treat when she poo inside to tell her no in a firm voice, she will soon get the hang of it but you must thisngs give love time and some patience, if you give up after two days maybe a dog is not for you, your puppy is an age where she Egar to please you, but if you keep geting mad that you will end up with a nervous dog, cut him some slack and try to understand what they face, she is a baby who needs to maintain and show what you wait, it may have been kept in the kitchen is so used to the toilet he try to put a newspaper down and tell her she is a good girl when she will move slowly on her paper to the door back, put her out side before going to bed and when she leaves reward, you can also try to feed him before going to bed sometimes puppies down this rule, here is a site that might be of some usefulness to you http:/ / mostly just give her time she’ll get to the best of luck honey.

  • Well, first of all, you received its two days. Give it some time. One way to make him shit is, take her to a walk in your route or in a park or something. Be sure to bring bags to clean. My 1 year dachshund always shit when you take him for a short promenade.Une another idea for crying at night is to put the cage right next to your bed. If she starts to cry, put your hand next to her. This should not stop crying, but it will not last as long. Once she is a little older, if it suits you, let her sleep in your bed. This stops crying completely fait.Bonne luck. Give it some time. It is just a puppy. If it goes inside the bathroom for months, that’s okay. Even my dog ​​has a year’s accidents from time to time. It will stop if you give it some time. Furthermore, when she goes outside the bathroom, give him a treat and praise him. Act really happy. This teaches him that you love when she goes to the bathroom outside. When she goes inside, say “No”, but do not yell or get physical with her. She still can not take that long. You have to train to maintain it. In addition, out every hour to go to the bathroom. Slowly, making it more and she’ll learn to keep more longtemps.NE NOT GIVE UP! SHES ONLY 2 DAYS with you!

  • Do not get rid of him please! when a dog is brought into a shelter a few days ago to find a new home or it will euthinised (posed), it lacks his mother and siblings, try Puting a hot water bottle in bed one night and a clock to the hot water bottle will feel its warmth and mothers as the clock strikes his heart mothers. if this does not let her sleep next to your bed at night and try to let your hand hang over the side of your bed if she starts to whine, she can feel your smell and lick your hand until it fall asleep if you have a breeder’s ask the breeder if you can have a blanket with his brothers and sisters or mothers scent on it. I hope this helped! Whatever you do, DO NOT get rid of her PLEASE! if you decide to get rid of his giving it to a friend who you really trust and care for her well!! bye! She will grow out of it, but shes just a baby now give him a chance!

  • Bringing home a puppy is like bringing home a newborn. Many people do not realize that until they get the puppy to house.You did not say how old the puppy is 8 weeks but I guess this is how most puppies are old when they come to the maison.Il are a few things you need to make your puppy and maybe they will help you understand why she does what she does … and how you can help change his behavior … First of all, she is on her own for the first time … and it is still a baby. She does not understand his new environment and it scares him … he most afraid when she’s alone and not close to everyone. Dogs are pack animals and even when they are sleeping newborn puppies shake. Dogs never want to be alone, jamais.Si you will keep in a box on the night of the fund must be in your room, very close to your bed. This will help calm her. Sometimes it also helps to cover the cage with a blanket … there is less for them to look around and they will sleep tôt.L other thing you need to know is that most of the bladders of dogs begin to mature around 5 months. They are not able to “hold it” all night until they are at least 5 months. For some dogs, it takes more temps.Une good rule of thumb for all puppies, is that for every month they are, that’s how long they can “hold.” So this is how often they need to get out. If your puppy is 2 months, she needs to get out every 2 hours, 3 months = 3 hours, 4 months = 4 hours. She can not take longer than that, it’s not his faute.Bien course, you can and should start training the house of her now, but keep in mind that accidents will happen … much. It’s part of having a puppy. Figure on cleaning after daily until 6 months old. It’s like changing diapers … only dogs grow and learn faster than other babies humains.Les times, or signs that it needs to come out is right after she eats, after playtime, and after a nap. If you look you will see it starts sniffing the ground / floor, and begin walking in circles before going to pot … if you see her doing this then catch it and take it outside. If it is in the act that you can rotate your arms in its belly … dogs will not pee if they are upside down, you clean lol.Lorsque its damage you want to put them outside in the area where you want it to go. Dogs are pretty much the smell. If you smell the area where you want it to go help them understand it. Every time she goes potty outside waiting until it ends and then just tell her “good girl!” and make a great, great, huge deal out of it. Clap your hands and caress. Do not disturb her, then she will or she will probably take him arrêter.Pour outside pot, you should also be his foot. Take it for a walk of 30-45 minutes and it stops where you want it to pot. Exercise gets their juices flowing. The exercise also help him sleep at night and make training easier because it will get rid of some of its surplus energy. How big is her cage she pooed in it? A case must be large enough for a dog to stand up, turn around and lie down in. Any more than that and she goes potty in one end and sleeping in the other. You do not want to put food or water in his cage. Remember, if it is 2 months it will need to get out of this cage about every 2 hours of pot … unless it dort.Avez you ever thought to let her sleep in bed with you? This will end his crying at night. Make sure she has a way of lifting and lowering the bed and put a pee pad on the floor of his use of nuit.Je agree with everyone that it was only for two days. You must give it a little time to adapt. It’s just a bébé.Effectuez a web search for “reinforcement training dog positive” and “NILIF” (nothing in life is free) and you’ll get lots of good info that you aiderons.Bonne luck.

  • I remember when in the same way you feel! It is so frustrating not only to feel how you feel, but feel bad for the puppy too. You have to go beyond once you establish routines.Premièrement, move the crate in your room. This way, you can hear in the middle of the night if she needs to get out. A puppy is like a baby in that it may not be able to go all night. She is also afraid of his new environment and that is why she cries. We slept with the TV on for the first week or two, so that our baby had a little noise. (He is 2 now, and do not need it!) We had Willie on a routine that has helped so much. We took him every hour on the hour at first. Praise and a treat (we used a piece of dry food) when he pees. After he ate, he went out. Most times it will not. We played for about 20 minutes and back he went. The play and run around helped move things along, and it would be shit. We have kept him until about 22 am when he would make his last trip outside. We went into the cage for the night, covered with a blanket on three sides. He got up around 2 or more. Out we went, he peed, received a small gift, I went back to bed. That lasted a few months, but after about 9 weeks, (he was 4 months), we started to do at night. We are early risers, so it was up and out at 5am and we pee, eat, play, then shit. Once again before work, then in his cage. We also hired a dog walker to go to lunch to take her for a walk. I’m lucky because I am a teacher and was able to do this throughout the summer. It is to be consistent. Someone may have to go home during the day to let her out. If you can not, you should wait a few accidents.Assurez sure his cage is not too big or it will be a losing battle. It should be just big enough to stand up and turn around in. There are boxes you can get in places like Pet Smart that have dividers so you can make them just as you petits.Rappelez of having a puppy is like having a baby. They are a lot of work but well worth it in the end. House training takes time and effort on your part. You can do it! Start with the formation of paper and move it out after a couple of weeks, if you devez.Voici some good sites I found. The second link claims to have a house trained puppy in 14 days.

  • Please do not get rid of it! shes probably just get used to you! this is his way of saying that she feels alone. try putting toys in his basket. One trick that worked for my friend was for you to keep one of your shirts in her basket so she becomes your perfume. I’m sure after a week or two it will pass and it will be closer to you. try to keep her busy all day so she is very tired at night and can sleep easily.Eventually this stage will pass if you are persistent. good luck! = D

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