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Pet Stop Of The Space Coast

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Idiot wearing collar crawls and barks like a dog while crossing an electric fence.

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  • o you’r talking about the uk oh well ok then what ever

  • you talking about me or you, because you have not seen my teeth

  • It does for me. They are arrogant (look it up if that does not make sense), always refer to their land laws, and their teeth look like they got in my cats litter box for lunch. (This means that their teeth are covered with shit) qwertopchicken, it now makes sense, dude?

  • guy that makes no sense

  • Who cares about the UK? Go to a dentist, earning self-respect that way.

  • I do not want to live on this planet …

  • Well atleast you know how the dog feell … good for you man. : D

  • it is illegal in the UK now

  • no lol dafuck

  • Are you buying this if you look closely you can see that he is wearing a collar, but it is actually a shock collar and when he came near the ball his friend had a remote and when he pressed it gave him a shock God ye are all stupid if you believe their actully had an invisible fence

  • Exactly. This is much more cost effective than losing your dog or his / her hit by a car or any of that crap.

  • Stupid idiot. I have two huskies that the greatest escapist ever. I have 2 m fence that is nothing for this breed. This fence stoped them, so they end up not in danger (cars, people want to shoot them, etc.). Dont talk shits if you do not know anything about it!

  • females actually appear to be on their hands and knees very often

  • I should buy one just for my drunk friends .. perhaps to hide in their clothes to touch skin, but do not let them know? hahaha (Wire in hoop, device on their body. Lol .. can be a fun game like hot potato, ..)

  • Sorry, but I do not think “fear based” training is any kind of training at all. it does not matter what animal. I ride horses and I can not stand the way some people choose to have their horses to fear anything to stop them doing a certain thing. I understand this collar has to go through different standards would not be on the market. I do not think that it should no longer be used. Just my opinion, I do not like them 🙂

  • It hurts little dogs at all. The reason it hurts so bad man because we sweat glands, but not dogs. We get a really bad shock, but only dogs get a bit irritated by it. If it hurt the dogs almost as much as it hurt people, they are like that dumb ass kid.

  • or his mother: P

  • 0:50 Since you took the “good” part.

  • You never see women doing this …. thank god.

  • I found this difficult to masturbate.

  • Poor dogs having to take thoughtless people!

  • I know I said this to the man said German Shepherd FTW! so I was being sarcastic when I said that you found them bought a shock collar only to try this? him

  • no, it’s not a shock collar, and an invisible fence, they bought it for the dog

  • I love how his mother to encourage his stupidity.

  • you think they bought a shock collar only to try this?

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