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PetSafe In-Ground Fence Short Loop Test –

From – If you are having an issue with your PetSafe in-ground pet containment system not working properly, performing a short loop test can help diagnose whether the problem is with your fence transmitter or a wire break underground.

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My dog Rocky just playing around in the yard. We have an electric fence in the yard and you can tell where the boundaries are when he plays with the ball. The wire is across the joint in the driveway and along the side of the yard. He stays ouside pretty much all day long and never leaves the yard! My hot wife Myra makes an appearance also.

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  • your hot! I like the way you talk,

  • very good

  • No song or explination! 🙁

  • What kind of dog is that? Such a pretty dog! Im thinking of getting one of these fences for our shiba inu

  • well maybe its different from my system. i have the wireless one.

  • @bender1011001

    not true. it will shock continuously for 30 seconds even when the dog is out of range.

  • @eisv

    no. this is just a static shock. like rubbing your feet across carpet and then touching something. and it stops after 30 seconds.

  • @SheilaSprgn69
    in the instruction manuel and the video to train your dog they want you to do that.

  • well thats just cruel to try and make him go across it

  • What happens if someone stole your dog? would he be electrified until dead? because of the person who took your dog?

  • Does your wife ever beat Rocky ?

  • my dog got shocked by the same type of electric fence and he is afraid to even go outside anymore
    please help
    send me the answer and i will sub

  • do you think it could for any breed?

  • Rocky realized where the boundaries were in the first five minutes. He got shocked maybe three times.. one on each side of the perimeter. I’d say in over a year, he got shocked no more than four or five times total. Once the dogs learn the boundaries, you don’t have to worry about them getting shocked. Its a conditioned response.

  • people think those fences are inhumane but once they figure out where the line is they don’t get shocked anymore right? After they know do they need to have the collar on all the time or can you take it off?

  • rocky is cuuuute aw

  • Cute little dog.  He’s a pistol. Hope you can handle him.

  • ROFL your wifed looks extremely pissed

  • smart lil fella

  • This is some boring-ass shit.

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