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Pit Bull Puppy Training (APBT) – Newman puppy Imprinting

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  • what a long tail!

  • captintristin ur a dumb ass that is not a race

  • nobody cares about your comment.caloss. awsome pit

  • captaintristan09 nobody gives a fuck about your dog

  • I have a pink nose pitbull and I like the death of one vrouwelijkeen I called the angel dog after my aunt died, the brown and white!

  • beautiful dog .. highly trained too 🙂

  • If you are new to the breed, google UKC or ADBA breed club in your state and go from there. If you want an APBT with a great temperament, you will need a parent to come with some sort of background activity: CGC title, therapy dogs, Obed title, etc. Even exterior title is better than just dogs bred by owner that doesn ‘t do anything other than domestic products. On the other hand, I’ve learned many pups from shelters, depends on how you are honest and consistent in training.

  • Cute dog! What is the line on him? I wonder what kennel / breeder he explains. I’m researching different lines / breeders as I am new to this breed.

  • OMG! Your dog is geweldig.Ik have a 11 weeks old male Red / Blue Nose Pitbull named Rocky and he is the BEST! I want to know what are you feeding Newman .. Please reply. Nice Pitbull. Keep up the good work

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