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Play tug creates problems, where people that idea?

Question ? Play tug creates problems, where people get the idea Where in the world people get this idea? This morning we had some “Gems” answers from someone who wanted to try to get their dog to play remorqueur.Une response “This creates problems in training the dog.” Another “It’s not a very nice game it will change the behavior of your dog! It will always bite and stuff and destroy things! “Each peak performance trainer and I know work with tug used to build drive. My agility instructor was so excited at the meeting which was my new puppy to see how strong the tug was only 16 weeks and encouraged me to work and develop more fort.Je want my other two dogs would get, that would really make a difference in our agility training. Almost all drug dogs / bomb / research is formed with a tug and that is their reward for doing the travail.Est do some fallacy of the younger generation has been taught and instead of research, they just repeat? For those who have been trained dogs to titles performance did you encourage your dog toy / tug drive? For those who say it is wrong to encourage your dog, where in the world did you get this information? CHIX I someone who does both dogs patrol and detection dogs and the tug is the reward of better choice, because it allows to express a dog training in a way that is very satisfaisant.Ainsi, although I did not say ALL detection dogs have been trained that way, I said just about everything, it’s those who are trained by people who know what they font.Meilleure response: Response by

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  • I heard that before, and I guess I see what they say is coming. I do not think that’s true with my personal experiences si.J have always played tug with my dogs. They also always stop playing immediately when I say “fairly” or “drop”. One of my dogs playing tug is a destroyer. But I do not for one second think it’s because he played tug in his life. It’s just who he is.

  • My doxie playing tug as if his life depended on it. His hunting instinct is very strong, that I should wait because it is from bloodlines of hunting with experienced parents. What this means to me is that it will work for the reward of a game of tug or fetch. I encourage him in son.J ‘have recently discovered the younger generation depends on the words of “mentors” who may or may not know when the person they are mentoring * really * sound rather ominous. it gives them someone to blame when things do not work so well ..

  • All of my dogs tug, but only moderately and after a little work to get there. For the other two tugs of assets, any type of treatment as a booster! I like the excitement I get when teaching a behavior using the tug. My dogs are agility, competing at nationals and other big events, and we will be competing next weekend at the Purina Dog Challenge Incroyable.Comme everything else, there are rules for the use of tug , but these are fairly simple: Dogs must always be invited to tirer.Chien must release toy on cue / commande.Cheesest: the theory that tug is bad is prior to the revolution of positive reinforcement, and most of the more R trainers like to have dogs that tug, because this is one more reinforcement available to use.

  • Yes, it is not without creating agility training, I wish my dog ​​tug (I tried to teach it, is not it) …. but it can get annoyed and some dogs too rowdy, and that’s where the problem is. Was it not your other question about something like that? Tug teaches dogs to play in a way some fights, and some dogs it too far — if they are bothering you, then you need to play with them in a different way at home, and Perhaps pulling out when you want them to be really irritated – as to an agility trial.

  • This has happened before. So to rephrase: – Yes, I play with my GSD tug – it’s a game he loves. No, it is not vicious. This is one of his “quirks” – something he naturally took to. When I walk with him, he will automatically pick a big stick and you want me to play with him. This is his nature. It is as stupid and safe and has a very low defense player-My other two dogs do not play tug with me for various reasons that are irrelevant – just say it is not something that they lack . – Not all dogs are different – they should not be grouped as such. Training in sport differs from the true tactical formation – and it is never “played with”. If people do not understand – or do not agree – well. I am not here to preach to the converted. But you demandé.Ce brings me to my final point. – Not all dogs bomb, research, agility and drugs is rewarded with a game of tug. It’s a popular misconception. But yes, I’m sure many do. This is not a prerequisite – it is something somewhere along the line people decided was nécessaire.Lorsque I trained my GSD research and agility – all I had to do was put on the spot and he was ready to go. He wanted to work in agility was very high and we worked over the ralentir.J ‘have had a Doberman that was so strongly motivated to find articles, his nose hit the dirt when I says “find”. It was the best dog of the research article that I have ever owned, and would find articles under water as well. I really mourn the death of three dogs ans.Quoi Regardless, the only motivation he needed was a command and he was pulling on the harness. It was all naturel.J confess that I do not understand (but am not criticizing) those who feel they need to play a game of tug with their dogs to get their work motivation or reward for work . I have never seen a tug a cure for motivation or reward – although I’m not saying every dog ​​owner I had the same capabilities. Everyone is special – and unique. Some are better trackers, some sled dogs best – etcSon want to say every dog ​​needs a cookie to work – they do not. Some people rely heavily on food – and it becomes part of their training, so that the dog is conditioned to expect and people feel good to do. Will make “bad” – no, I do not think so. (Except in dogs tactics – tug was never a habit that is never started and yes, it can have consequences) If towing a religion .. so I’m an atheist. But I will not shite on believers. 🙂 *********************** Add: A bomb dog the last dog is conditioned to go crazy pulling as a reward. A dog looking for explosives is not a dog you want to be excited condition – an indication of a dog is taught is sitting, or maybe just a look or wag his tail, and DO NOT MOVE. The dog and handler of life depend on the presence of a dog that will remain calm and not make sudden movements. ************* @ UHave2Be: Your comment (quoted): This , although I did not say ALL dogs have been trained to detect this way, I said just about everything, it is those who are trained by people who know what they font.__________________Fin citationDonc of, I guess this as close to an admission of error that we will get (wink) Notwithstanding, its clear that you asked what is a rhetorical question on YA just to make statements to your ideals own and do not need to hear alternative views. I wonder – why ask? Someone told me once: Sometimes being long in the tooth really just means that you are badly in need of a root canal. 🙂 So, go ahead, on the topic of dog agility, with a tug on a dog that performs a discrete sets of tasks for 3 mintues in CDX or a routine course of agility simple little or equivalent can be compared to “work” of a service dog taken in the research of ALL DAY bombes.Tasser dishonors all those dogs these dogs who give their lives to the service, and their managers. Its shameful and embarrassant.Je plays tug with my GSD – hes a pet dog. A dog canoe. An old dog. Its fun for him and this is one of the joys years, he left. But I would never compare it to a service dog work. And people who think their dogs as ACK (in obedience) even come close (to a service dog work), are of illusions.Je will not even enter the “pull tug” Schtzhund because a shock dog to “out” after teasing it to bite (with a lure like a tug) is perverse and cruel. And probably is made by the same people who claim to know what they do. (Shakes head)

  • – Do some fallacy of the younger generation has been taught and instead of research, they just repeat? To some extent, yes. Most people can not be bothered looking first of all, let alone when it comes to their dogs. But again, the accessibility of information via the Internet poses another problem: Anyone can publish anything online, and there will always be people who “research”, come with blog someone spitting their personal opinion on a subject, and take this opinion be fait.Quand it comes to towing, I read all this: – “It will make your dog aggressive” – ​​”It’s going to the question of the leadership of your dog “-” It’s okay to play, but only if you never let the dog win “-” It’s great to play, and you should always let the dog win, “I don ‘ not really care what someone else says …. my dog ​​(and me) love to play tug. She knows she is only allowed to shoot his toys and never let her / my clothes / anything other. This is a great motivator, and I use to my advantage in training. (I also do not care / attention to who wins)

  • Chix – sometimes I really enjoy your answers, but other times, like this time, I find that even if you are quick to point fingers at people for being biased, sometimes you can be the person most biased answer this site.Je really wants you to stop spitting in the lies that all dogs are Schutzhund shocked and almost tortured to learn what their orders sur.Devinez? Although I am not entirely in Schutzhund training, when we have my doberman bite excited about the work, I taught him without going to extremes. I even got to the point that if he does not listen right away, I can touch his neck and have the remorqueur.Je see any problem with the help of the tug as a form of praise in formation.Beaucoup of the dogs have a natural instinct of all kinds and it helps you use this drive to its full potential. My dog ​​loves nothing more than to be rewarded with something he can give a “death shake” peu.Je also agree that most people I talk to use the tug to build training training in either Schutzhund, agility, obedience, etcJe know, Chix, you think that obedience training is a joke especially in its competitive form, but my dog ​​is trained in obedience, nothing to do with anything competitive, and I continue to use the tug as a reward and it responds more to the other thing I can coach him obedience offrir.Mon real train working dogs. It uses the same basis for most dogs that walk through its installation.Je do not think it’s something to laugh at if people are using training a dog as a god given reward the dogs formation.Certains greater unity than others – my doberman also jumped on the “find” bandwagon pretty quickly too. It started with just win this award for using his own nose and find himself and then after I have also integrated tug him to really love what we worked on because that’s what aime.Tous that dogs are the same, but most dogs have some kind of prey drive and the tug can be an excellent method using this drive in your formation.Et FTR – no tug does not make your aggressive dog, it does not mean they think they are “alpha” if you let them win, etc.

  • I use reward tug exclusively for agility training and obedience work. I encourage the heck out of my dogs to build the drive for a reward tug. Much easier to train with a toy / tug than trying to offer a treat every time … my dogs prefer to shoot at any façon.Il used to think that things like pulling aggression in dogs caused. I had a coach who told me that for years, she has never allowed Thurs tug of any kind in his dogs for this reason. Then she went to a seminar Denise Fenzi and realized how much she had missed by not using it to build his hard work in chiens.Chacun is different in how they wish to train and what they want to believe but I’ll stick with my tugs for my dogs … they love them and this is a training tool, I would not be without.

  • I encourage my clients who are blind can play tug with their guide dogs, as long as dogs have a reliable ‘out’ response. It’s a hand on the game, both enjoy. The person initiates and terminates elle.La training the dog, on which the safe mobility of the individual depends, is not compromised.

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