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Please help Crate training?

Question of Love Life! <3 !? Please help Crate training I have 2 dogs. Beagle: One year. Pomeranian: 2 ans.Donc, I have had both since they were puppies, and both were “crate trained” by me. So they go into their cages immediately when I point and tell them, and when I get food. They have no problem there. I give them treatment, and then they are fine. Pomerania, then barks (but only if you leave the house. If you put it in there while you are there (ie sleep), he does not care.) Until you let and then falls silent. Then the beagle has recently started barking in the middle of the night to let out. I left the first night, thinking he might have an upset stomach, and he may need to go to the bathroom. But then he did it again the second night. If this is important, both from their cages are covered with a blanket whenvever they put in there. So I learned to start over and re-train them how not to bark, and what to do?!? Please help! MerciN’ont not they teach people grammar in school anymore?!?! Learn to type the answer gens.Meilleure : Answer

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  • EXCLUDE paynthem attention or let them out when they bark

  • A mixture Pom (lap dog) and a Beagle (Hound) weird but ok. You should never feed your dog in the crate unless there a very young puppy that you two are not now. Dogs see funds as a hideout. Dogs do not eat, or go to the bathroom in there dens. Your dogs learn each other so you have to treat each the same. Feed your dog in a separate area each day at a scheduled time ish. let your dog go to the toilet before putting them in their crates. when your dogs start to bark just ignore them. If you come into physical or verbal contact they have won and you reward bad behavior.

  • Here’s what I ferais.Sont in crates they are identical or different? For the pump, sounds like it might be a bit of separation anxiety. Do you have any stories about them when leaving or arriving? If they are in separate boxes, I would get a kong fill it will peanut butter, biscuits, cheese, chicken or something and freeze it. Add this to your pom will help distract you leave. And give him something to do. When you return, let him out of the box, but not until it is quiet (you can also do it to sit). Once he does, the doors open cage. Now, do not pet him or give him any attention for 3-4 minutes, do not even watch it. Once time is up, so you can cuddle and play. We learned our only chi with separation anxiety to get a toy when we got home. So every time we got home, she turned her head from left to right, looking for a toy. Then she would go and look and creaky for a while, after the time when we would go play with it. This teaches us not to get excited about people coming and going. In the first, leave for a short time – even 2 minutes he has not had a chance to get too much anxiety about the situation. Then slowly increase it. The kong should distract him for a temps.En regards the beagle, it may actually have to go out. Our dog started doing this randomly and it turns out that we needed to feed them earlier in the day. I know now, if I feed them after 18 hours I’ll have to get up during the night. I try to keep them on a schedule, but sometimes things come. Try feeding them earlier, then you do, and let them out just before going to bed. If he does still get it out, if it goes well then just give him in the crate (you can take it to the vet if he is having to always go as it could be a medical problem) . If it does not, put it back in its cage and you now have two options. He barked, or if you need sleep to give him the Kong. Make sure to do something to deserve this Kong as sit, down .. everything he knows – or he will start to wake up expressly for her. If you do not want to use the kong, put a blanket in the dryer for a few minutes and then put it in with him. I have a thing called snuggle disk and use it as I can put it in the crate when I go to bed and it helps them dormir.Si they are in the same boxes, be careful that you do not want put food in it unattended.

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