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Police dog training – bites from your own dog?

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> making decisions about where your dog can bite, and with the training tools and knowledge to stop them is essential if in practicing in this manner with a police dog or bite training dog. This allows us to have much more control. Daily demonstrations are done throughout the country with dogs that bites or a colleague, or someone friendly with the dog. It is usually represented by the person is able to pet the dog then to the temperament and training in the ability to distinguish things to show. Doing with yourself is similar. I assume that you know the dog, his training and his temperament, and not an adult dog that you like just yesterday that you were sure of both. With the ability to control your dog from a bite is essential in any type of protection work and in many cases, the opportunity to practice this often yourself useful.

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  • great pedagogical Fred, I’ve always bites my dog ​​and never had a problem

  • Large control!

  • I agree bites from your own dog is not bad I use it all the time and have had good results with training different parts of aggression! great video fred

  • This dog training goes against everything I’ve learned or told? – Bites from your own dog Comments

  • I love to leren.en I just learned.

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