Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

police dog training. Strong dogs!

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  • 1:22 how much the guy really loves the dog ..

  • い た ああ ああ ああ ああ ああ ああ!

  • Hoky asesome nonsense that is! 🙂 Lol

  • Doberman dog in training for police work: Type in “Dobermann KNPV”

  • wow! I am doing a project on them and they are very intresting!

  • @ Freeshapingjunkey OH okay, that sounds logical.

  • @ BroadcastSandwich1 I was not talking about the man to correct the dog .. Of course, the owner disiplin the dog 😉 What I responded to what was the dog handler. and that shoud never happen

  • @ Freeshapingjunkey I do not think you understand how attack dogs, they are so cruel they’ll tear if you do not show that you possess them, is a blow of these dogs face just to say “Do not fuck with me, I am your master “it is just a punch in the arm for this dog.

  • 漫画 や アニメ みたい な 跳躍 に 感動! すごく かっこいい です!

  • @ Yora21 The dogs are not mean at all! They think this is a fun game 😉

  • VAYA Compañeros MAS Y BUENOS LEALES … ESTOS Seguro Que No TO FALLAN nunca!

  • 0:40 Attacs Dog handler … NOT good dog training if you ask me ..

  • OH SHIT WEN I clicked on the video DOG ASS DRAWN

  • i whould like a puppy to take home with me

  • These dogs are great!

  • These dogs are not stupid. I’m sure they can make the difference between training and real battles feel by looking at their handlers more tense and can gestrest.Ze probably a lot meaner when shit gets real.

  • fuck! I can get! I just can not! this rambo’s Chuks or dog?

  • not really .. turns on him

  • Well let’s just hop thoose dogs are in good hands .. not some Gangsta …

  • Guys you know what the German sherpds r cowards. Cops they train em to defy

  • Police dogs are ace! 🙂 I want one ^ _ ^

  • That was fuckin crazy

  • Yes, but under the wrong direction and it is a killing machine, look what happen to me!

  • I laughed soo hard these dogs are great!

  • Police and MWD’s – FTW.

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