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Police dog unleashed on innocent children and a man handcuffed … What should the officer?

BOB Question : Police dog unleashed on innocent children and a man handcuffed … What should the officer? – Residents of the city an apartment complex say a police dog went after two children when he published an officer, even if the man he sought was already mastered and menotté.Thibodaux police chief Craig Melancon said this morning that Ronnie Comeaux officer suspended one day without pay after a hearing Friday found that the officer was wrong dog leash in his car during a traffic stop crime. Melancon these two dogs of his ministry are supposed to be used for charging stops, excavation and construction drogue.Comeaux detection, which was back to work today, will also take a course with her dog, Renata. The dog was removed from patrol missions until it is recycled Melancon dit.Les disputed allegations that the chief dog was deliberately dropped on a busy street. Instead, Melancon said, the dog is unleashed when the police tried to leash. The chief said it was the first time he remembered a Thibodaux police dog is away from its conducteur.L incident occurred seven hours 30-20 hours Wednesday outside St. apartments Charles Sanders near Manor Street. Witnesses say Comeaux, a veteran of three years in the department, according to Melancon said, “Go get ‘, then released his dog in the direction of QuincyWagner, who was handcuffed, barefoot and kneeling on the ground. Moments Wagner had already fled the officer after a traffic stop questioned, but went after running a short distance Sanders Street, which is parallel to the Wagner résidence.Le dog circled twice, according to witnesses, before hitting a 12 year old boy down and bite the trouser leg of a 10 year old boy, who had sought refuge by climbing on a parked car. Neither child was seriously injured. Apartment residents felt the dog ran free for six to eight minutes while officers issued his command. Finally, an officer grabbed the dog. “He needs to BE USED Lafourche NAACP President Burnell Tolbert assimilated Comeaux one day suspension with a slap on the wrist.” I think it needs to be shot, “said Tolbert.En addition, Tolbert said the incident shows that Comeaux has not been properly trained.” We have a good control of dogs, “said Melancon. “You have to remember that dogs are very well trained, but they are still dogs.” Courtney Phipps and Sheila Williams, the mother of two boys, have demanded an apology from the police and asked why would Comeaux release the dog on a street full of children, especially when the suspect had been defeated. Mothers said they were not allowed to submit a signed declaration when they went to the department Wednesday night. Williams said she met an officer named John Sutton, but all it has done is to take his name. “They come,” said Melancon two mothers, “but came at the request of the agent. The children were photographed, and we talked to parents. parents were legitimately angry. “Mothers are not too happy with the way officers responded to them on the scene. Phipps said a police officer told her that her child, 10-year-old son Semaj Alleyne was wrong for running the dog. Williams said another officer told her 12-year-old son Devaughn Brown that if he did not stop crying, he would go prison.Pour his part, Wagner, a resident of Thibodaux 24 years, says that it has not yet received a ticket for obstructing traffic whose origin Comeaux stopped. Wagner paid a deposit of $ 200 on a charge of resisting arrest and obstruction of a violation of one-floor and was released from the Lafourche Parish jail Wednesday night. He has a court date of September 10.CELEBRATION ANNIVERSAIREMinutes before Comeaux patrolled Sanders Street, residents recalled, the neighborhood was filled with kids riding their bikes or playing basketball as 12 years Devaughn Brown.Selon his words, Wagner, a man furniture delivery for Rent-A-Center, got off work around 7:30 pm on Wednesday, taking his daughter to McDonald Kiara to celebrate her ninth birthday. Before, they were eating, he planned to stop on Sanders Street to visit his two brothers so they can give her a birthday present. Wagner said that as he was driving his 1993 Buick LeSabre in the street, he noticed Comeaux behind him in his police unit, so he pulled into the driveway of a close friend and let the officer. After his death, Wagner pulled back on the edge of the street to say goodbye frères.C is then, he said, Comeaux turned and pulled behind him with its lights flashing. When Wagner, who was still in his work uniform, asked him what he had done wrong, the officer said he blocked the road for a vehicle that had happened, said he told Wagner.Wagner asked the officer what type and color of the vehicle and it was Comeaux replied: “I do not know right now.” An argument erupted between the two men, during which, says Wagner, Comeaux grabbed his arm forcefully to put under arrest and took his arm. In an instant, the situation has escalated and now Wagner said he could see the officer reaching for what looked like a gun all how to read the article for more details Ashamed continues … IMO … Something must be done about vengeance, a badge and a gun feu.Meilleure response: Answer

by giantcock5003
police and the judicial system are dangerous and out of control. I do not trust tout.J hope the kids are OK.

What do you think? Answer below!

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  • I have no problem with it. Children should have stayed the hell away. The guy was handcuffed come.

  • Sounds like the dog and agent must be removed from K-9 service. Since no one was seriously injured, it was a first offense, a reprimand seems sufficient.

  • Well, since the NAACP wants to transfer, then it is probably out of proportion, as usual. Remember the Duke fiasco?

  • You make it sound as if the agent had express, when the article says that the dog broke free from the officer who was trying to make laisse.Sais you just read your cut and pasted articles before publishing ?

  • And investigation by the Police Department of the arrest and subsequent events, and appropriate measures to displanary.Dans the same time, warm applause officers trying to keep the streets sûres.Pourquoi children allowed to wander around the stage in the first place? If children see the police and a police dog chasing a man they should disperse to avoid accidentally become a part of the incident or injury.

  • If this story is true, I think the police should be reprimanded. If the person has already been selected and released a dog on it that obviously can not tell the difference between children and a sober man, then someone needs to learn a little restraint and common sense. I think some enforcement of the law (not all) are given too much power and too little training. Have a badge and 60 hours from a community college or some experience in the army could not cut it. Perhaps more stringent requirements should be required of all officers, like, um, perhaps a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and 1 year of training?

  • Too bad this happened, but maybe the kids were on their way and get the dog surexcité.Qu that is where they do hang a criminal and a policeman? Sorry, I love dogs and I know that these dogs are very well trained. Something more must pass was to get the dog out of control.

  • In the circumstances, I think that the chief acted appropriately. He suspended the employee for one day without pay for failing to take care of the dog in accordance with policy and procedure and removed the service dog until it receives more training adéquate.La NAACP has its own agenda and it has little to do with protecting their own citizens and more to do with media exposure. If an employee has been fired whenever a minor incident happened, everyone would be unemployed, members of the NAACP comprenait.Sur the basis of the circumstances referred to in this article, the incident must be break.

  • If this guy did this intenionally, he should be prosecuted for any costs crimimal apply.

  • Sounds like a fair decision based on the facts presented. His dog stands and want him fired? It was an accident and they have taken steps to ensure it does not happen again.

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