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Potty Training a shih tzu.?

Question by Lilly: Potty Training a shih tzu.?

I have a 9 month soon to be 10 month shih tzu we’ve been having some difficulties with house-training her and I’ve heard that they are stubborn little puppies. We have tried so many ways to “train” her but it’s not doing much. So we just bought a bell and deciding to use the bell training method, just wondering if you guys have any suggestions?

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Answer by Joseph A
We put a news paper in a certain spot so or shih tzu will go on it once it did that every time we told her outside for bath room or just outside when you need to go to the bath room, and we also walked our dog A LOT and let him in the back yard it took a long time but hes trained

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  • Yes they are hard to potty train but you can do it! Remember…. Patience. 🙂

    Potty Training Options!

    1. Get her on a regular schedule of potty breaks outside. Meaning around 6 potty breaks a day.

    2. This sounds weird but you actually can train small dogs to a doggy litter box if you do not have the time to take her out on a regular schedule. Small dogs have tiny bladders and have to potty much more frequently so.. once trained to a doggy litter box, the dog actually benefits from the availability of a 24 hour toilette. (** It’s also much harder for her to destroy the litter box). Remember PATIENCE is key when training! Here is a website on how to train your puppy to a doggy litter box.

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