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“Potty Training” My Shitzu, help?

Question by : “Potty Training” My Shitzu, help?

Last night I purchased a 5 week old akc registered shitzu. I have to bottle fed him because he’s so small. But eventually the potty training will begin. When should I start it? & How do I go about doing it? & any other useful tips. He far from my first dog but he’s my first of this breed. Thanks!

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Answer by Jess

Take him back to the shitty BYB you got him from.

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  • you have to bottle feed as he should still be with mother for 7 more weeks
    take back to byb and get your money back is my best advice
    research breed defects as this ones parents weren’t tested
    byb get hold of papered pet quality that weren’t supposed to be bred

    don’t know if you can ever get this one potty trained, as usually don’t start trying till 8 weeks

    it is illegal to sell before 8 weeks here

  • Why on earth would anyone sell a puppy that isn’t even weaned yet? That’s cruel and inhumane! This poor puppy will miss out on valuable time with its mother and siblings, vital lessons in social behaviour and hygiene, etc.

    Is it possible for you to take it back? No puppy should be separated from its mother earlier than 8 weeks. No responsible, reputable breeder would EVER allow this.

    At 8 weeks of age when you bring it home again, you use a combination of umbilical leash with crate training.

  • Who in their right mind sells a 16 year old a puppy? Oh wait the same greedy uncaring idiot who sells a tiny 5 week old pup.

    Potty training is the least of your concerns at this point. keeping him healthy and ALIVE is. Since its friday and vets are open if you are intent on keeping this pup you need to be at the vet TODAY by the end of business for a full check up.

    besides the fact he’s too young to be away from litter and mom any really tiny pup should be kept until of suitable size, made sure to be healthy AND eating solid food on his own with no problems.

  • Take it back to its mama for another 3 or 4 weeks.

    You got this dog from nasty BYBers & you got scammed. By law a pup has to be at LEAST 8 weeks old before it can leave its mama & litter mates. There are very important learning that the pup is missing out on.

    This BYBer is the scum of the earth & should not be allowed to even own any animals. Low life, money hungry, ignorant, stupid, selfish, idiots. & you got a low quality dog. You bought from a BYBer, your registration papers are worthless. Take the dog back to this idiot & save your money & get a good quality dog.

    So many BYBers producing very low quality pups just for the money. If they get rid of the pups early that will throw the b*tch back into heat so they can breed her again.

    Find a reputable breeder that sells quality Shih tzus.

    Sorry to bust your bubble & all but fact is fact.

  • I know hes really cute but he is way too young to be away from his mother and litter mates he should be weaned at 5-6 weeks, shots and vet check at 7-8 weeks socialization and go home around 10-12 weeks old. Don’t even think of potty training him. He is too you go even be going outside you can try potty training at 10 weeks old use news paper of potty pads and then start taking him outside. AKC has nothing to do with him right now he needs to be seen by the veterinarian and he needs to go back with his mother and litter mates. I would report that breeder to American Kennel Club. Law requires puppies and kittens can not be cold until they are 8 weeks old.

  • What kind of a moron would sell a five week old puppy? If you can keep it alive for the next 6-8 weeks *then* worry about house breaking. Sheesh.Whoever sold you that pup shoul dbe reported to animal control and you should be ashamed for not doing your homework. PUppies should NEVER leave their momand littermates until they are fully weaned to dry kibble and are at least 8 weeks of age. Most good toy breeders keep their pups until they are 10 weeks old.

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