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Protection for sale German Shepherd Dog Puppy Training

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  • my german shepherd puppy as when I first got her she was 6 weeks old and as big as my chihuahua, then after 8 weeks old they just grew

  • I like this kind of dog, as it is a protector.

  • Great job training your puppy! This shows how clever the GSD ‘s. I have two German Shepherds (adults) and they are not as well trained as your puppy at 10 weeks. Great job! Have fun and good luck with your puppy!

  • How did you teach your dog to bark on command?

  • @ CowsKanFly that’s what she said

  • to Cute ……

  • I used natural liver treats, but squeeze out small pieces at a time for a new puppy.

  • I recently got a German Shepherd, she is a beuatiful girl and I love her already. She’s very smart and already knows a few things, but I would like her to learn more. She is 12 weeks now. 🙂

  • I feel the secret behind a well-trained GSD is the way its owner begrijpt.Als him you know your dog well and ur able to understand him and then you can train him good

  • How do you see your dog barking?

  • u mean ur pussy is smarter? … i agree ….

  • my cat is smarter

  • I have a shepherd / lab. They are beautiful dogs. Do you have any techniques for complex tricks like playing dead? God I would Have fun with DAT. Cute dog!

  • Thank’s dustinengland1981 ill try

  • lol I had a lot of erros im commentary I mean i can not train her to only think im plaing whit her how can I train her like you do

  • hi I’m a real fan of the german shepherd, my father gave me a Belgian Shepherd Malinois she is like 4 weeks I try to reing her like you, but she just thinks im playing qhit her and starts biting me lol how can I see her all the things you do to your 10 weeks german herder.POS: comment

  • Hmm I like how you tech him to go around what you called it and how can I train mine to do it?

  • that puppy nip your hand is the reason I’m so bad training a puppy fun playing I begin to cave and play with them

  • I can not wait until my German Shepherd! I want to learn basic first sight they sit, stay, paw, hunt for hidden treats. then afta ll like them I learn that the bang bang play. I think they’re all so cuteeeeeeeeeee!! yours is so smart now!

  • I have a 11 weeks old German shepherdd he knows sit and come to lie leg and hop .. You have a smart puppyy greatt job on him!

  • lmaooo I need them to start learning as early as obeidience life possiblee otherwise ull have a 90 pound dog from ur controll lol …. Ps for the German Shepherd is fun to teach them they love the opportunity to then owners and learning

  • No it is little, but will grow to be large.

  • The German Shepherd is made for love, not war. Sex, not hate. Food, no partner. Give it a shake, and let it bake. Peel bananas, apple jacks, apple, and salad. Boob and chest, and breast fest. These are those who run them, these are the ones who touch themselves. Liters of water o Happy Happy, happy spirited turtle pond water. K.I. G. L. M. O. and N. P.Ik received guarantees

  • wondering if you still feed tips you could share. thank you

  • OMG first thing love love puppy and her tricks I also love her name im going to name my puppy Ricochet and I love how your hair and how her trianed prasie

  • u mean learn??

  • Love it! Im gonna learn this to my puppy ^ ^

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