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Puppies continue to do their business on my floor and bed I need some advice?

question : Puppies continue to do their business on my floor and bed I need some advice I have a small male dachshund named Charlie Brown and caring sometimes a pit named Marley x Brown.Marley was younger so it was not yet potty trained if one day he pooped in my room in the carpet! So, my way “trained” Charlie also made a habit of jumping on my bed of shit too. These are favorite places: the closet next to the TVPuis one day, I had both on my bed and Marley decided to pee on it, so now it’s Charlie pee on it too! I’m tired of my blankets clean and I do not know what to do for the mattress! I’ll have to wash the carpet this week, what should I put on it! My brother told me to buy a cushion of training, but I’ve heard that encourages the dog to relieve himself in the house and I do not want that! I like to sleep on my bed with Charlie, but if this continues, I will be forced to make him sleep on the floor or in a box and I do not want it, and pretty sure that it will not ! I do not have a problem with shit on the carpet, because it is easy to clean, but pee’ing me on my bed chier.Que should I install on my bed not to feel piss How do I teach them not to do it? I took the fact and say NO and immediately take him outside to his place to pee, but he still has not learned. (Charlie is a dog inside, not outside. Until recently, my puppy 14 weeks old started doing. Usually it takes in and has never pee’d in its cage. Marley however like to pee and poop where he sleeps! There is about 12 weeks. I had formed to wait but since my brother brought him, he lost his training, I request advice on how to lead not to do and what I have to put the soiled surface. MerciMeilleure response:

Answer by ☮. Melissa
You should continue to take them outside every heures.Afin they can learn to do business there rather than inside.

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  • Do not let the dog on the bed or in the room. No reason for them to be there.” I’m gonna have to make him sleep on the floor or in a box and I do not want it, and pretty sure it will not!” Well Well, tough sh-t Charlie! no pun intended … Watch it like a hawk, when you can not – confine, control their food and water, make a model, take him outside to pee regularly, only serves to leave when he already inside. Who told him to make a dog out?

  • There are degradative enzymes that bottle and remove the remaining soiled areas. Spot Shot is also good. You must remove the smell in the affected areas, because that is what attracts them back again and again. Young dogs (puppies) can not “hold it” for as many hours as they are old in one month. Therefore, a 5-month dog may be able to keep it for 6 hours. It is necessary at the beginning of potty training to confine them in a space smaller than most dogs will not eliminate where they sleep – and so they will choose to “hold.” Young puppies should be placed outside after eating, and after réveil.Vous can use clicker training to your advantage too. It is a positive training method that tells the dog when they do something well and reinforced with rewards (food, attention, play time). Thus, when the dogs are outside eliminate clicked for it – then give them a cookie or playing time (what they enjoy most). You can then continue to train other behaviors using clicker. It becomes a game where they try to “make you click” by offering behavior you want – and is a fun way to learn the “rules of life” and is used to train dogs for sports like Rally-O and agility.

  • Here is a good site for training burglary, I use a spray bottle to clean OXYCLEAN accidents. Once your dog is trained, even if the smell is still there, they do not go in the house.

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