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Puppies man funny or true?

chrisisback Question ? puppies funny man or true The other day I was in a conversation with some of the ladies I work with and I noticed something that seemed a bit odd to talk of their small moi.Ils friends and husbands as if they were misbehaving slaves puppies in need of constant surveillance and women obedience training. “Bring me that … mow the lawn … stop humping the furniture …” At On second thought, maybe some of these guys must constantly monitor the women, obedience training, and trucks Scotchgaurd.Meilleure response: Answer

by loving_pink_butterfly
it just gos back to the old people say dogs are lol

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  • hahahahahahahaha! sounds like this!

  • It’s a good joke. Thank you.

  • hehehe, you’re right again hun, pmsltemps étoilesxxxxxxxxxxx

  • another one lmao gd 10/10 x

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