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Puppy In Training TV – Ep7 – Puppy Train(ing) Ride – Dublin works on his puppy training by taking his first puppy train ride. He works on being calm during the loud noises, sights, and smells of the metrolink train ride down to San Clemente, California. Dublin also finds that walking on sand is much different then walking on the pavement. The metrolink train ride was a great puppy training experience for Dublin, but we recommend outings like this one only to our older puppies in training.

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  • thank you for the comment and complement!

  • we work hard on all of our videos. Thank you for the complement!

  • Thank you! I appreciate the comment and complement. We work hard on our videos. Hopefully we get our next episode up on YouTube this week.

  • Dublin is my third guide dog puppy and he is very smart. Thanks for visiting!

  • Great video, brilliant dog.

  • Thanks! We’ve been working on Dublin’s training since he was 7 weeks old.

  • fantastic dog ;-))) ******

  • Nice video,good job my new friend.

  • Nice work 😀

  • nice video!

  • yes we are lucky that our guide dog puppies in training are allowed to go most public places including trains and buses. Our bus service, OCTA actually has a day reserved for bus training with our puppies. When we attend bus training we also have the option to receive a no fare bus pass which we can use to ride the bus for free with our puppies. We talk about it in Episode 4. Thank for checking out Puppy In Training TV!

  • nice excursion!!
    lucky you can get the pups on trains.
    here in Japan impossible (except for
    guide dogs)

  • I’m glad you liked the video. We have another video coming up in the next few days that we shot at the Getty Museum.

  • Cool Stuff Man! Keep em comin. I’m a sucker for pups. Got one of my own and she is Family 🙂

  • thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed our video Dublin’s puppy training on the train!

  • wow i love dogs!@!@ nad ur vid 😛 i am defintaly excepting ur friend request 😛

  • @mikomoable, we work hard with Dublin. I’m glad you think he’s doing well. All of the puppies on our metrolink train outing to San Clemente did a great job. We’re excited for our next Orange County Guide Dogs of America outing…a scavenger hunt at our local outdoor mall…stay tuned!

  • what a great group of Guide Dogs. They are all so well behaved Colby. I am impressed, all of your hard work has definitely paid off.

  • Oh good. Lucky Dublin! =0)

  • @GuideDogGrownUp, that day was actually the last day Dublin wore his puppy jacket. The next day we borrowed a big boy jacket from one of our puppy raiser friends. Then a few days later we got Dublin his own big boy jacket from GDA.

  • Thank you for another great video! Dublin needs his big boy jacket! Ha ha.

  • @brocolims, when I first started raising puppies for Guide Dogs of America four years ago it was 70% Labrador Retriever, 15% Golden Retriever, and 15% German Shepherd. Since I’ve been puppy raising we’ve also had Golden/Labrador Retriever crosses, Labradoodles, and Standard Poodles in our group.

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