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Puppy is aggressive with children?

Question ? puppy aggressive with children I have a 4 month old shepherd / lab mix to listen to great people and loves children (including two year old daughter), but since we took the dog park a few weeks ago, she was chasing children bite to them and jump on them. I obviously did not leave her alone with children, give them plenty of exercise, and is tolerant of them sometimes, but I do not know about this last behavior. I tried to have my daughter “train” with treats and screams but her young to eat dog biscuits itself or my daughter wants the dog to chase her and teases her with them. I seek help before it’s too extreme and we must get rid of it. I should also mention that she never growls at them, it’s rough play and I put her in her cage when she démarre.Merci for answers so far. I’ll look into obedience classes, I know that the pet store has them. I just want to clarify that I do not allow my daughter to tease the dog with treats, it’s just that I tried it a few times with the thought that if she is making it listen to the commands the dog learn that it is higher in the “pack” the dog but she is too young to do so. Also, if the case can not be used as a punishment what should I do instead, to establish and stay like that for a few minutes? Best answer: Answer

by Lesharro
go to a vet and ask what to do about it? They know about dogs and there are problems and are ready to understand what is wrong.

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  • You must get a handle on this as soon as possible.Malheureusement, most dogs are not good with young children – takes a lot of work and training – and constant supervision – or someone gets hurt. Puppies like yours need lots of exercise or they get destructive, it needs long walks every jours.Inscrivez you to group obedience classes with the dog so that you learn to train . It also helps her socialize with other dogs and new personnes.Ne not leave her alone with your child – jamais.Ne not use his crate as a punishment, it is a very bad training, the cage should be a refuge, not worth it. Just remove yourself and your child from when it becomes rough, give no attention.Obtenez help learning the form – of group obedience classes are very useful. If you can not do that, you need to repatriate her fast while she is still a cute puppy and has a chance. We see too many dogs dumped because they are not good with children (most dogs are nervous around small children and having a holder of a treatment by hand is a disaster waiting to happen), so s’ Please do not dogs, nor until your child is much more ancienne.Remarque: I do not mean to suggest that your child teases the dog, it’s just a dog of this age will grab candy from a kid’s hand, an untrained puppy will probably catch anything from a kid that can lead to unemorsure, accidental or autrement.Je like to call your veterinarian or the Humane Society ask for a reference to a good coach who gives leassons group, animal “trainers” are not very good, they are usually just a couple of weeks of training themselves. Go to a real coach, I did with my first two dogs, he taught me how to train them and was very helpful for dogs ainsi.Qu that is what you do instead of crating for Dog behavior unacceptable is to say a company “NO” and remove yourself and your child to the playing area of ​​the dog – put it in a separate room if you can, do not pay attention to him. To do this, whenever he leaves the line and he will eventually get the idea that rough play is the end of the récréation.Il is much work training a puppy, especially a large, full spirited one – no help to the obedience of the group.

  • At 4 months, your puppy should be the start of classes for puppies. This teaches you to properly socialize the puppy to the natural play puppy biting become more serious. You also need to train your daughter that the puppy should NOT be teased. If she can not do that, she needs a break too, not just the puppy. Allowing a 2 year old child to tease a puppy is lax parents. Just crating the puppy when he behaves badly is not enough. He does not understand the concept. You’d better keep a leash on the puppy at any time and make an immediate correction when the roughhousing begins, rather than crating the puppy. A sign, it is to punish and make the puppy crate aversion. Ask your vet if they recommend obedience trainers.

  • Do you know how old this puppy was when she was abducted from his mother, brothers and sisters? I bet it was well before 8 weeks. If this is the case, she never learned to inhibit his play biting behavior. Puppies learn this through interaction with the mother and littermates in roughly the age group 6-8 weeks. Mom is attacking the puppy if it is too rough, and littermates cry if they are killed too hard. The puppy is to treat children as littermates that did not. When children run, it will trigger his hunting instinct of prey, which is also what happens when the puppies chase each other around. Your puppy needs “Special Ed”. Socialize with other puppies and dogs for puppy obedience classes will help her learn.

  • Sounds like the puppy sees your daughter as a litter-mate but, in time, grow to see your daughter as someone who can not be played so hard. It will take time but things will get better if you keep the good work of training and exercise. Shepherds and labs are both known to be very intelligent and energetic, but it can work in your favor over time and patience. It would be great for you and the puppy if you are enrolled in a training course. They sometimes offer them at low cost to the city where you live. We took a couple of ours of these classes and they were very good and only about $ 40. If you can not go to one, spend some time doing one on one training in a few short sessions a day. In time, when your daughter is capable, they may also form. Even teaching tricks is a great way to establish a respectful relationship and is another good way to bring a spirited puppy. It’s great that you make sure she gets exercise but maybe it needs more? Labs and shepherds are so crazy energy. A tired dog is a dog much easier to treat. Do you have someone who can take it for a while every day and play with his / her walk / take her to the dog park? Maybe it would be nice if you and your daughter could have broken every day (or days, which is possible) to spend some time without the puppy around (after all, is like having two babies!) It would be great to look forward to a break and give you more patience when you need to be with her when she is so demanding (the puppy, I mean). I have some 2 years and 6 dogs and know how frustrating it can be when they all need my attention. It’s so nice to take a break and so pleasant when the dogs come home after a stroke (my husband takes them for a run every day for one hour). Anyway, do not give up right away … it seems that you have a good attitude about it all and find a way to make it work. My daughter loves our dogs and they are really siblings “” 🙂

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