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Puppy jumps on the glass door?

Question by Twiggy ? jumps of puppies on glass door We have a ten month period Chesapeake Bay Retriever who has separation anxiety, with two other dogs. We will put him and our other dogs outside and when you walk, he jumps on the sliding glass door. For a. Then he was afraid of the broom so we put it against the door, but now he is not afraid of the broom is formed (so please do not say anything like “Everything starts with a basic training. “). A dog is a senior and do not jump, while the other (3 years) will rarely do so. Why does my dog ​​do this and how can I stop it? We rent a house and are afraid of the person who owns the house will be shaken in mind that we sujet.Il loves to squirt water it will not work. The only thing he dislikes is the mustard, and I really doubt it will work. I make him sit before letting him in, I have since learned that this commande.Il are well trained. I taught him all the basic commands, as well as more complex. I worked on it for months before I posted this so please do not think this is the answer question.Meilleure : Answer by

Hannah M
You can put a piece of plywood up to the door when you’re away from home. Spray or something on the window, he does not like.

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  • At ten months he is still a puppy, essentially. Although you do not want to hear it, training is the answer to this question.Il should not be too difficult to solve this problem. When I brought my dog ​​home safe, he used to jump on the glass door as well, and I really do not like this habit. What I have done for him, was I taught him that he had to sit before I would allow it in. If your Chessie already knows the command “sit”, you should have an easy time in this égard.Il does not sound like separation anxiety to me. Looks like he just excited and want to get your attention and be allowed back inside.

  • I have a lab a year and likes to chase cats that I keep handy a spray bottle filled with water and squirt him I hig with the flow and say “squirt” Now all I have to do is to say that the word suirt and he stops in his tracks. Hope this helps

  • It is early in the formation of base.Donnez ordering him out every time he jumps on the door. You must be consistent with the formation of breaking behavior.

  • chesies are a bunch of hard-headed, but they also (when they are dogs of the house) tend to be very attached to their respective owners. remain outside with him. work with him on the exploration of the region. dont think its separation anxiey spoiled as far as inside the house. Finally, it should enjoy being outside. when it will be to expect a dog very territorial and some chessies bite, so be careful with him around strangers and be sure to socialize with foreigners who encourage or we interact; will become difficult to agree with him.

  • I read somewhere to set up a board covered with carpet. They can scratch instead. It looked like you hang on the handle, but a sliding glass door would need a large and too heavy for the dog to push it. It would protect the glass door. The carpet would be easy to replace aussi.Il just love. Sounds like a big dog (breed, of course)

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