Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Puppy K9 training – teaching your dog to bark on command Practicing a beginning fun bark and hold with a puppy. Having your dog be able to bark on command is a great way to start to cue him to be able to do it in other areas. Some pet dog owners like their dogs to bark at the door to let people know there is a dog in the house and for a variety of other reasons besides just for police or protection dog use.

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  • Trying to teach my dog to bark when I’m not moving and on the floor. I have type 1 diabetes so it would be great! Going to start working on it with him

  • very good question! can anyone answer this intelligently. Maybe even a video that will show how to get a dog excited and alert. My GSD barks at strangers and neighbors but my Malinois doesnt do anything. She just sits and waits. Thanks.

  • Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but what exactly is a “sit-means-sit collar”?

  • Labs are not a gaurd dog

  • RIP headphone user

  • How do I get my lab to bark she wont

  • Just a question, how do you start your dog off to get him into that alert state barking and focused on the object? Because because my dog is almost 1 year and I can’t seem to get him to bark on command anyone have some pointers?

  • can anybody give me an treat idea exept food ?
    bcz some dogs dont give me attention if i dont have food or candy !

  • my 9 month old german shepherd isnt very vocal (not at all really, unless the neighbor’s cat gets in the back yard, lol). Is there a way to train her to bark on command?

  • excuse chastell ; it is sheeps liver; press #3 continuously w/volume all the way up, and see if you can here it 🙂

  • actually this video was helpful


  • Lovely dog, I’ve got the exact same cross breed!!!!

  • what are you using as treat?
    Freeze dry what?
    where can I get that

  • Nice vid showing very nice BALANCED training approach.

  • Wonderful!

  • ❺stars  ★★★★★

  • Cute puppy :O  Mallinois?

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