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Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Is puppy training absolutely necessary?

As anyone who owns a dog will know, if you train a dog early enough it will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention it adding a few years to your life by avoiding unnecessary stress. A dog can be almost as time consuming as having a child. Puppy training is a must for anyone, unless you want to be chasing your dog down the road or changing your carpets on a yearly basis, you won’t think twice about it. You and your dog will benefit from puppy training and the household in general will be a lot better off.

Can’t I just do the puppy training myself?

Many people make the mistake of thinking they can do the puppy training themselves. It is not impossible of course, however most people would benefit from taking the dog to the professionals for the puppy training. It isn’t just the dog that needs training; it is also the dog owner. The professionals know exactly what they are doing and have seen every scenario there is. Like humans, each dog is an individual, and the dog trainers can mould each training session to each dogs needs.

Where is the best place to go for puppy training?

Of course there are lots of excellent places to go for puppy training. It would be advisable that wherever you go, the puppy training firm belongs to the Association of pet Dog Trainers. There is one company that stands out amongst the others as a first class place to go to get your dog trained. The name of the firm I am referring to is They are very professional and will be sure to make any naughty little dog into a well behaved creature. specialise in Puppy Training . We believe in kind, positive methods in our high quality training. As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers we also provide Dog Training Obedience .

Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance.

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  • I really didn’t use a method. I kind of just made him do it by leading him with tricks or putting his body in the position I wanted, until he understood what to do. I then treated and praised him. After a while he picked it all up.

  • I started at around 9.5 weeks. Having said that, I don’t know really. It depends on the dog I guess. I really just started when I felt comfortable with his potty and crate training. I didn’t want to put too much in his head at once.

  • How many weeks old should I start training my lab? He’s 3 weeks now. Thanks! Great Vid!

  • Hrashqqq

  • wow. I know this was some time ago, but I am utterly gobsmacked! this really is just incredible!! 😀

  • how did you train the puppy to do these tricks, I just got a 6wk old puppy for my daughter

  • 2:21 poor thing.

  • my dog cant even fetch any tips

  • Sooo adorable!!!!

  • Awesome! Mine is almost his age… knows… sit, stay and lay down… I wonder if you can do a video showing HOW you taught him all the tricks… 🙂

  • Good one!!!

  • i haaave i black lab and he,
    ,s cool but he can only do half of that

  • Omg!!!! I have a black lab who can do all of that!!!

  • hello i have 14 month golder browen lab. he is verry laze he never do any comand

  • Great Dog!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous Dog you have:D

  • This is amazing, a lot of work is dedicated to this dog. I’m little ashamed right now, my 20 week lab doesn’t even close to this dog. So cute dog as well.

  • Best

  • Aww, he is sooooo smart!

  • And I subscribed immediately……..thats how much I love this dog…….

  • Oh my god I never wanted a dog this badly! I want a lab like that! He is the cutest puppy! He is Maru in dog world…. Lol. I so envy you having the perfect friend!

  • Your dog is fricken sexy

  • He is so smart!! My lab is …..

  • This dog is so adorable I’m normally so scared of dogs cause I’m a pussy but this dog I love

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