Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Puppy Training & Care: How often a puppy’s teeth brushing

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  • I know you made this comment 3 years ago, but I felt that I must say that it is best to first train the puppy not bite fingers. Then working in the dental. Never force. Training is the best.

  • Idk I’ve never brushed my dog’s teeth

  • what if your puppy bites your finger and refuses to let you rub his teeth?

  • I am a boxer breeder and I love this little video with the exception of a small item, I place little training collars on our boxer puppies at the age of 5 weeks, they are actually little cat collars that will break loose if a other puppy tugs extremely hard on one so there is no danger of choking a puppy. But in any case they are used to the first part of the strap collar, and the feared itchy collar .. 🙂 Also the possibility for a young 6 week old puppy to a very short leash dragging light around the house helps.

  • Nice pictures x

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