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Puppy Training & Care: How to Choose the Best Lab Puppy

When choosing a Labrador puppy, make sure the puppy is energetic and interactive with people. Avoid Labrador puppies are subdued, withdrawn and anxious with the pet care advice from a veterinarian in this free video on dog training and raising puppies. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  • @ Full Fist good, selection is up to you and why you are getting the dog. Most people are looking for a pet, not for show or work. Of the GSD’s w / the roach back / legs are bent so obvious deformity. That’s why I prefer GSDs bred for shutzhund or hats. Odd show GSD’s (ski back into the American lines) is an orthopedic weirdness that I would never choose to replicate to prevent or delay degenerative joint problems.

  • Thanks I hope this helps because I could go to a lab puppy find out tommrow! XD

  • Avoid the mass production of Labrador kennels. Puppies should be raised in a loving home, not in a kennel environment. Temperament testing should be done by the breeder at 7 weeks.

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  • I would not say a dog that jumps up is a bad dog at all …

  • @ Kabzy16Uiteindelijk I got my puppy at 8 weeks and 1 day. She is still biting, not hard, but it doesn’t do well to strangers or my nieces and nephews, all they see is her break. Do not know how to stop her. I’m sure glad I did not take home earlier. She is 12 weeks old today and I notice a huge difference in its network this week. She has changed my life in the best possible way!

  • @ Benroblochview Yes, you’re right. One month is too young for a puppy to take home the first six weeks are crucial for to spend time with his mother. The best time to actually get a puppy after 8 weeks. Because at that time they will have to bite ad experience their littermates and they will have gotten the message that their littermates negatively to bite. These little things that a puppy can learn from its mother and littermates are very useful for the life of a puppy.

  • A month is a bit too young to get a puppy. I’m no expert, but thay are not with Mom to 7 or 8 weeks?

  • Check out the Volhard Puppy Attitude Test. It gives you a great idea of ​​how to choose a puppy. And helps you choose the kind of temperament you want.

  • You are not choosing a material item here. Choose the dog you choose. Use your instincts (and think about your lifestyle / bet). I doubt that most show dogs are selecting. And if you are? Remember that most show dogs have never prove anything outside the ring as the performance. Take a look at the German Shepherds. They have the strangest hind legs because people find peculiarity aantrekkelijk.Hou just your dog, quirks and all. 🙂

  • I read somewhere that Cesar Millan suggested not picking up the puppy that climbs over you and begs to be elected, and I wonder if it should occur, particularly in laboratories because they are already going to be hyper- abs hyper puppy is perhaps one of those annoying people who are all over you abd you knock on the floor to say hello?

  • My puppy is 1 month old, but we got him today, he seems to sleep much and hes not much interaction yet, this is a worrying sign? Or is this typical for a 1 month old puppy?

  • This is good for me because I might be getting a Lab puppy, so I need to know which one to choose. Now I know.

  • I have a lab in my family, he was 8 years old and he made my family was alway happy! I love him … MARCO ~

  • Lab are the best, I have an Akita, German Shepherd, Rott, Pitt, and was a boxer, hands down the best of the Lab. This dog has character. Funny dog ​​with great temperament with children and families.

  • I never had a lab puppy in my life. I got to get out of a pit bull puppy for and he was the biggest and had the most interesting coat pattern on a dog you will ever see! We never let him around other people, but when we know he was the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet! I do not know why pit bull friendly when people say that there is evil. But a lab looks cute!

  • Then we went to get our lab, six were trying to me and my sister, and back are not really interested, but there were two that were really getting themselves above the others, looking at me, my sister on the other , We ended two of them, because we each have one now.

  • agreed! theres shy, normal and bold. I chose bold b4 I learned the right way to choose. i just randomly chosen. he had worms and he was just a mess, hes not healthy and my best friend: D

  • You want to pick up litter not the individual puppy if you are trying to achieve certain grades for hunting, hunt test and field trial work.

  • Not unless you go to the SPCA.

  • When we got our lab puppy he was the fattest and laziest, but hes by far the smartest dog I’ve ever been around and the best

  • a good labrador puppy breeder will select the most suitable for you, not you randomly choose from a liter!

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  • oh no, that boy gets adopted, never fails. many people will choose by cuteness. but this man says, when the choice, if the puppy to get the best shot to be a great dog, friendly, outgoing once.

  • Thanks I really enjoyed this

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