Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Puppy Training & Care: Raising Lab Puppies

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  • Is he on the show field labs or laboratories? Field labs are much more active, overly so. English or show are much more desirable. You do not want to hunt with an ugly dog. / Wink

  • That’s a cool video, but I think that my videos help people more than yours!

  • my black lab never learned how to heel, they too excited not to listen or look at me. cute. 🙂 Still learning her heel …

  • I’m sure this works for Afghan Hounds?

  • Great video. My chocolate with pups next week! This is a good video for new owners.

  • my brothers puppy is really destructive chewing the cords and everything ruined my new xbox 360 because it climbed the TV and knocked it off and chewed my cord intrnet and many other threads please help me!

  • THIS is so interesting THANK YOU

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