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Puppy training following a Malinois puppy with Maryland dog trainer Pat Nolan


follow with a nice young Malinois puppy. Shown here working on some of her first few tracks. Get off on the right start with the motivational training techniques shown here. This clip has a Malinos puppy in training. Puppy Training in Maryland Video Rating: 4/5

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  • how many times a day you worked her on this, and how many tracks do you do in a session? For no treats at the track in 5 days you have to do alot of great work with her! Thanks

  • I’m about to get my first malinois puppy tomorrow and this video is great for me .. thanks

  • @ Druko30 a good breeder ..

  • I love this doges have any tips on how to get a puppy for search and rescue to choose!

  • @ Alleyballey He stated they use Hot dogs

  • what do you use for treats?

  • excellent video. Clear audio and video describe what you do with the puppy. I learned a bit with this and other videos. Thank you for making them.

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