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Puppy Training from Brazil. Education with a collar (Part 1)


Some video from my seminar in Brazil, where I find information about the transfer of these puppies with our training system, without verbal language. The owner of this dog speak Portuguese and I do not know this language and the dog has not had any formal training. I felt that it would be best to see the puppy concepts, so the owner can put his language afterwards. This video shows only the beginning of getting the puppy to pay attention, so I will be able to mold him into other behavior that they can see in the next video. This video shows the beginning of the dog run off leash, eye contact, recognizing me on the turns, feels comfortable climbing stairs, and be able to pay attention for a longer period of time that the owner previously. Video Rating: 4 / 5

puppy training to 10.5 weeks old GSD puppy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Continued: he is using a lower level of stim dog can detect to communicate with the dog, not correct. He demonstrates the effectiveness of the training system in a short period of time possible. Their e stim dog collar with the leash pop, so he could, without the belt to work in a very short time left in awe of the Brazilian public. Most people in the audience probably thought it was a way to e collar dogs and torturing terror suspects, but much to their surprise, this is not the case …..

  • Ok everyone do not get whats going on is what I believe Fred was doing: He tries to build relationship with your dog in this short time he is given and the dog’s collar * * the same time get – not recommended but sometimes only option. Building a foundation for the program in principle. He is the dog collar nod e lowest level every time he draws the line, you can see when this happens by looking at the dog’s body language. Well, that’s it, I reached character limit lol

  • How does the collar is used? What types of settings and when you give the signal or let the signal? Without this information and the right training people would abuse the collar.

  • @ Tholieeileen60 just try the collar when you are very experienced and well trained yourself to use the collar. A soft dog like you describe can have a negative reaction to the collar.

  • 4 months and now running for an e-collar? C’mon ……..

  • Fred – It would really be great fu tell us what you do with the collar, if anything, when you start working with the new pup.Rijk

  • Nice dog.

  • what is the latest collar you use a border collie? I have a three month old border collie, which is very soft and has a problem with a hard adjustment, but they have to learn boundaries. Any suggestions?

  • My dream dog. Good work.

  • Very impressive! Very smart dog!

  • How does she do it ??????????

  • thats it

  • @ Feezy243 Yes, it is normal tottly! It only means that your puppy came from a larger parent (: So you shoudnt be ashamed (: Be happy (: Do not worry, Be happy (: Im getting a German Shepherd soon 8.5 weeks ( : She’s all black (: Wish you luck on training (:

  • Im getting soon 8 weeks old German Shepherd puppy of my own, Im 13, and once I get her, Im going potty training started, and regular obedience training, Im going to only positive reinforcement, and by the way, you have a great job! (Love-Shannon Marie <3

  • my puppy wont train and im using the clicker! Ive tried everything to encourage him, as various delicacies, but nada .. How can I have to concentrate?

  • Just my own 10 days ago. He was just 7 weeks, when he came. But in two days I had him trained potty paper. Great! Now after his first vaccination I take him outside and he thought that too. Almost every two hours to strengthen it. I need him hawk eye for signs of literally sniffing inside, so I know to get it out. Now he tells me, because he likes to buiten.vervolg:

  • wow i LOVE your puppy! So well trained so young! Did not think you could learn that much that fast! I October 1 mo. old GSD mix that I have just one month ago, and she knows a few commands, but my biggest problem is getting her attention to me no matter what, if they catch wind of the other dogs or something they would rather do it’s like I do not even exist!

  • 10 weeks old and already knows all the tricks, I’m surprised! smart puppy, and the great teacher

  • @ Kycydsue how many weeks did you start its work by the age of 10.5 weeks?

  • Cute puppy! I get a German Shepherd in a few weeks and I had training Dock Dogs

  • I was worried about getting the pup to rear leg capable of doing and all hands and feet jumps, especially in a race with hip problems, at least until it was one year old.

  • nice job, he looks like a monkey hahaha: D

  • Wow 10.5 weeks? Mines is approximately 8.5 weeks and he is much bigger. Is this normal? : (

  • “Thats It” and “Sit” sounds too similar to the dog, which is why they may get confused when you tell her to sit.

  • oh my god how do you do that im really a fan of German Shepherds and your video’sim having many problems training my Belgian Shepherd Malinois they just do not listen to them things im playing whit her and shes always like jumping or runing I train all of my dogs like Labrador and German shepherds they dont give a collie a problem such as this one I’ll take any advice they really need from you

  • @ Cmcdancexo Hi, and thanks, I’m writing about how to house break a puppy … There are many ways .. found that information about puppy training doggiedogblog under category.

  • I think you have a great job! I live in Germany and we are just a puppy GS =] hes 9 weeks I hope he does half as good as Angie! I also wanted to know how to use her potty trained and still have that beautiful carpet. I took all my cloths on and missed one in my bedroom and he pooped on. Hes has a hard time because he is on medicine that makes him loose stools and he cannot control them.

  • that is sooooo cute he is so obedient to the minute I train my cat clicker you should try it’s great

  • wow great job i wish you Coul d train mine too, lol

  • Good job!

  • I hate my eating food from my hand that he bit my finger so often.

  • wow ure dog is so obedient

  • That’s pretty cool! Anj (hope I spelled that right) obviously enjoy spending time with you. She looks very excited. ^ – ^ I think it’s pretty cute how she does not sit all the way. I hope you stronger bond with you, you good luck with each other. 🙂 ~ Wolfy

  • great!

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