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Puppy Training – Socialization – Wendi Faircloth

Wendi Faircloth, director of training at Villa La PAWS discusses and describes” socialization “training for puppies. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Basenji” Ume “was two and half moths. At the moment she began training for the “sit” and “wait. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • omg that puppy is soooo cute xxxxxxxxx

  • @ BREEZAR428 thank you for nice comment!

  • @ Thelonetraveler00 sorry late reply. you live now with a Basenji?

  • @ R3ds0xfan01 Thank you! She was born in Japan. But her parents were born in the U.S. Do you have the site “bcoa”? I hope you will live a good Basenji!

  • wow she is so damn smart Basenjis are a blessing from heaven great dogs

  • beautiful puppy! I’ve been tirelessly searching for one similar to yours the past week I hope for good news soon:)

  • Omg I want a Basenji like this, they are so beautiful with this pattern! What should I look for a variety of Basenjis so I’m not just looking at one? I feel like there’s no breeders in Massachusetts! : /

  • Oh my god! Aww hiccups! Nom nom * hic! * Hic * Nom nom! *

  • She is a very quiet and very beautiful puppy:)

  • Final Fantasy Movies @ haha

  • 0:23 rofl

  • was?

  • Ya there cute, but I admire the most as personality, which can change with emotion, almost like my human tells me exactly what basengi how he feels and trust me, mother, father, brother and friend at all times.

  • yummy, yummy!)

  • thank you!

  • She “was” cute!)

  • OM nom nom nom nom

  • very cute: D

  • what a beautiful girl!

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