Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Puppy Training – Train Your Puppy to Walk! Make your puppy an expert in lead walking. Video Rating: 5/5 This is still a continuation of a single training a puppy who brought me to my seminar in Brazil that no prior training had and I am more that behavior is learned by feeding information to the puppy through our Sit Means Sit training collar. This dog is normally in Portuguese that I do not understand, nor do I speak, so I told the seminar attendees that I talked all behaviors without verbal words to learn. You can also see that puppies really a long attention span, but it would only how information is transferred to them to determine how long they can look for. This puppy has no previous training, but now I drew attention to him, it makes it easier to learn many things. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • train my puppy to sit with treats. Now when walking he refuses to run if he knows I’m a treat …. He sits and waits for a treat …

  • Sometimes, when he puts his mouth on my hand ouch i go and withdraw, I was told that he would understand that he might be a little too hard and security lock will learn.

  • No videos to bite or mouth stabbing, I have three children 9 is the youngest he bites my daughter on the back yesterday. I’ve worked with him in the kitchen made him lick my hand and he goes into the mouth, but never clamps down on me.

  • This is a good video, I have a young pup, he tends to sit there for ages. I was told by so many places that you need to show who’s in charge and in control. they suggest pulling the line and called him … This looks and sounds a lot better system will have to try it.

  • great information

  • this was really great. thanks

  • Very good information.

  • can someone help me? …. : (, My dog ​​is terrible with the belt, if we do it, they will find the nearest corner or place that nobody can find her and she just sits down … it breaks my heart to see how she is unable to to learn how to be on the line or even a collar on … can anyone help me??

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