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Puppy Training Video – Crate Training a Puppy (Episode 6)

How crate training can help reduce separation anxiety. More on

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Obedience:Puppy 3 muonths Positive Training Bora Erbek

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • This video is great. Really helps understand what a crate is used for and how to avoid separation anxiety. A crate is a great tool to use while you are using The Housebreaker. Looking for a way to housebreak your pup? Check out The Housebreaker Kit on google

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  • getin a new puppy soon this helps a lot thx

  • Thnx!!!

  • by the way, i know i think i’m an know-it-all, but that toy should be hidden and given as a treat/reward to play with for a while. you’ll dog will love it more because it will be more special if it gets put away when not in use

  • i love the inbetween the legs idea. now all you need is a sadle and you’ll be ready to head onto the M1

  • it doesn’t really matter, I’m left-handed, so I taught my dog to walk on the right. It’s easier for me to open doors and stuff. But heel can be taught on the right, on the left, and between the legs for the same dog.

  • the same reason why we drive on the right in the USA and on the left in the UK. arbritrary I suppose

  • why is that?

  • you’re supposed to walk a dog on the left, not the right.

  • Wow …he’s a very good trainer though …

  • Do some research; Google is very easy to use.

  • This is not for all puppys. three months is a little early for them. but this looks like a lab and its superrr smart ..took my lab 2 hrs to potty train. its CRazyyyy

  • a have the same type of dogs and he’s almost 3 months old and i want to train him the basics and i dont know how

    please post some videos so that a can teach my puppy

  • aynen çok ii

  • Great job! how do you learn the dog to sit next to you?

  • damn i wish mine can do that

  • a golden lab 😀

    i hav a choc lab he is the same age 😀

  • yes. its a labrador retriever.

  • looks like a white labrador retreiver to me

  • what breed is this
    could some1 be kind enough to message me or leave me a comment answering me?

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  • harika bir iş ama köpek sağ tarafta yürüyor

  • Very good training.
    But, heeling on your right side?

  • tek kelime ile super!

  • Great job. Did you primarily use food rewards to get your pup to heel? How much time each day did you spend training?

  • Super gercekten harika biri Bora yaa

  • süper yaa valla bravo

  • Excellent job!

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