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Puppy Training Video – Puppy Discipline (Episode 4)


Teach your puppy how his best behavior. More about Video Rating: 4 / 5 a Video On Crate training your dog or puppy. You can learn crate training videos on http

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  • yes keep the treat in front of ur face and he will look at you …………. not stupid he looks at the treatment you are


  • “AH-AH-AH!” ….. : |

  • If only that will work on the man

  • @ Mywingsareyours Yeah. He sounds like Hes Fro Britain.

  • READ ME: puppy senses work in order sight-sound-smell …. The best way to train a puppy is using scents, a scent unique to the command / message you want to tell .. once ur puppy learns to say, go where it smells like lemongrass pot, starting with gestures and verbal commands with the smells.

  • hello sir I want my puppy to train with more aggression squire my house .. how to train like that … It should only obey my words .. should not allow everyone in r near my house next …

  • I’m a Newfoundlander, and when he tries to behave wrong, he sometimes reacts to the be the the and I point my finger at him, he sits and doesn’t do anything

  • Training a dog training and a woman is much the same. You have to beat them hard enough that they will always obey you.

  • @ Puppy express .. Race = skin color. Judging by his accent, he sounds like he is from Britain. This is a nationality, not a race.

  • How did the dog taste?

  • They are English-homosexual.

  • You are cringing crawling! Some good tips though.

  • The emphasis Thhhaannnxxx iss alittle weird … But … Lawl

  • @ Puppy Express Caucasian.

  • Hi, Not too rough or whatever, what race are you and your tips are really helping me! Make more episodes please?

  • Hi! Thank you for inquiring about this video. The black and white puppy that you see in the video is an old English Shepdog puppy.

  • What breed is that dog?

  • That’s a funny little dog.

  • video quality is not so good = I

  • omg so does mine, I always have my hair when I want to tie her wear for a while …

  • I would take care of the dog bite and eat as fast as possible. Like what was said then that the dog that you have a bigger pain in the ass to correct zijn.Behandel training could work for some I’m just saying I’ve never once in my kennel or with one of my personal dogs . If that’s how you train your dog then so be it. But for me to treat the dog training places at the same level as you and all dogs are pack animals, so they have an alpha dog.

  • 1:30 is sooo funny! = D

  • You really just that. I know it sounds harsh, but if you do not correct it early, they will do when they mature and that’s not much fun.

  • My labrador puppy is mad that she likes biting shoes, clothes, including my hair

  • How to potty train a dog: step 1 whoop his ass, step 2 you great results

  • I bought a wire crate for my dog ​​and his vast and HES chihuahua.I taught him this little bit here to go to the potty pads and collects on the beds to sleep there, so you know it does not really matter how big something like As long as you know how to train your dog and teach him / her the difference between good and evil.

  • WHAT THE FUCK We wanted to know how to train

  • I agree with what he says, but I wish they had given a different title this video …

  • Remove this video and the conditions and how the learning function crates start. This video does nothing for those who want to crate train a dog. Sorry … the terrible …

  • Holy cow! I hoped to find out how to crate train my puppy! what not to buy crate … oh well

  • Wow, this was annoying. I learned a lot over the wire crates, not much about training my dog!

  • Shut up man and had two bloody point!

  • Tell me how the dog to be silent, and not shit in the cage.

  • @ MsLabMom Cheers to you, MsLabMom! Someone who finally understands the animal, rather than just their scenery. If people do not have time for their pets, they just do not have one.

  • @ DuhDuhDustyn Doberman’s ears? “Absolutely left natural. Thre is no reason for them in a different way, and where I come from is now illegal to crop ears or dock tails, thank God. Remember that the people perspective on animal aesthetics is the only thing that has led the horrors of such things as docking, cropping and declawing, and no civilized society would allow.

  • @ Pulliplover7 probably a shoe, but one of the experts here who do not believe in letting a dog a dog will undoubtedly other ideas

  • @ Jmascore1 I have owned dogs for 50 years and never had the need to scroll in a box. I know sometimes a couch cushion or slipper, but it’s a hell of a small price to pay for the companionship of these animals thaving thought my life. If your stuff is so important, why get a dog if you lock the safety of your bank? Grow a pair and address the needs of your dog.

  • well then I say to Mr expert, “and this is not something you want done” a lot, my dog ​​is a beagle terrier mix, and will be 3-4 meters long and about 3 meters long, how do I fit it to the trash in a small plastic cage? and as you, but the cardboard door and sides, only your dog can chew on! and you can lay on a towel, my neighbor does it all the time. You’re an idiot!

  • How big should a Chihuahua puppy needs

  • This man is an idiot. You buy a big box with a manifold Y, so that the dog not to grow. Also put the cage where the dog can not paw the cage throwing things and breaking many plastic cages and dogs must be left in a crate without whining and fighting. This guy is just stupid. crates also covers you can buy.

  • Cute dog trainer.

  • all these damn videos and nobody’s really through the crate training process, that little crate Fricken get

  • bitch you think im not gonna buy the wire cage because a child may fall and crack his head? the child may fall and land on the plastic cage to kill a dog. and who gives a flyin fuck how the door swings?

  • Well, I went to expert village ……..

  • Need to marry you ** **

  • Ok so you suggest a crate for training … But what are the steps to the puppy to potty train? I live in an apartment building, and the really cold where I live now, so I think I prefer paper / pad training … Any suggestions on placement and planning?

  • thx

  • @ PitbullTheSuperDoglol that’s sooo true!

  • Latin bridal ** here **

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