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Puppy Training Video – Puppy (Episode 1)


Learn more about what your puppy needs in his diet to be a big do. More about Video Rating: 4/5

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  • Wtf. BARF at all. People do not eat meat and grain rejected. Also, dogs. In the wild they eat fresh meat and vegetables. Not cooked, packaged unhealthy mess.

  • This is the most awkward video I’ve ever seen! Love it!

  • umm im a 9-year-old dog lover and im looking for good Havanese breeders. I’m studying about Havanese dogs and they are pretty awesome. so tell me what Havanese breeders in the Dallas Texas area please.

  • Very useful!

  • @ Ydivan30 can you give him a small portion of food at a time and wait until he is ready and give him a small part and continue to lift his entire meal is eaten … Who wants dog training tips to watch It’s Me or the Dog … she is good

  • @ Jackstrawfrmwchta until she was on her period …

  • BULLSHIT! Since 2007, the commercial dog food scandal revealed that no longer feed their dog with this nonsense toxic commercial dog food? Hey people fall for this nonsense to stop just search “dog secrets” here on youtube a look at the video .. PS: it would be a puppy training video are not any ads, you are only a waste of space!

  • @ Jamesdouglastx that’s exactly what I wanted dacht.Ik a training video can not watch an advertisement.

  • @ Jackstrawfrmwchta hhahahaha funny, but hopefully you kidding ha

  • Training a dog is like training a woman. You must severely beat them to make them listen.

  • I think I have the rest of this view, this does not look like a training vid though, it’s a commercial.

  • Eukanuba hey, I think you meant to title this video “Commercial = BS” not “puppy training video. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • So in your opinion what is the best chunks? I have a ten week old labrador

  • to supplement powder which is measured in the flesh i?

  • This is a dangerous accusation to make, and just as ‘propaganda’, as this video.I am an active member of the local pet owning community, and know several people whose dogs do not thrive on a raw diet. In a household of 11 dogs (of the same race, same food and portion size), 2 dogs dangerous amounts of weight on a raw diet. 7 no difference between a raw diet and a high quality kibble, and 2 showed small improvements in the coat and gebit.Er is ‘perfect diet’ is not universal.

  • If you are concerned about mixing the necessary supplements that local raw meat is missing, you can always look at buying a ready-made raw diet. An improperly balanced raw diet is just as bad as a poorly balanced diet kibble, and I know many people who do not trust themselves to carefully measure alles.Ik have also seen supplement powder mixes that you just measure the meal, and the print raw material out of plan online, so you do not have / malnourished. 🙂 Explore options in your area and online.

  • You’d be surprised. You can feed a medium to high quality pieces without blowing your budget overhaul. I work at an independent pet supplies shop, and we sell all holistic brands for just a few dollars more than the chain pet stores cost considerably lower quality of voedsel.Je have not have as much to feed a high quality kibble diet, so you must buy less. (The prices are compared with brands like Eukaneuba not Ol’Roy. Ranging from Ol’Roy to holistic WOULD chic look.)

  • yes but they are all really expensive huh

  • I wanted to do, but I’m afraid I will sick.i him actually to feed my dog ​​puppy chow, but I want him to have better food. how can I know that he is not sick

  • It seems that this video was intended for another site or channel.

  • bad camera angles, I want a man to look back as he talks. LOL

  • Strikes: 1. It’s just a six minute commercial with meaningless vulmiddel.2. This has nothing to do with opleiding.3. Remember the part about “useless filler”? Upon further investigation, which describes the food itself is pretty good.

  • That’s a big puppy

  • straight up propaganda. dog food is absolute rubbish. my puppy fresh raw local meat

  • Jeez! That was incredible!

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