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Puppy Training Video – Welcome Home (Episode 2)

Make your puppy’s first weeks at home comfortable – for the both of you. More on

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  • This was very helpful. Thank you

  • Actually my when i got my puppy us kids played with her the whole time and on the second day we were playing chase when we would chase her and shed chase us and Yoyo is one of the most obedient dogs I know

  • @spaztikbetty idk this ones bigger then a pitbull? lmao idk

  • Im sorry but I dont agree with children being ‘too’ gentle or quiet around dogs. I think they need to be exposed to a LITTLE roughness, or they will grow up being afraid of loud noises and children and may lead to nipping or other aggressive/afraid behaviors

  • Poor little thing with her ears chopped off. 🙁 What an unnecessary mutilation.

  • he ?

  • @k9enthusiast what about pinball , which is the stupidest question ever (and i know he’s being sarcastic)

  • *non* dog expert??????/ o God

  • @GGGGJohan Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

  • @sikhking3 Puppy mills are cruel breeding facilities. Puppy mills breed dogs until they die. The puppies never see the light of day and never even see their own mother. Puppies and mother dogs are burning in the summer and freeze in the winters. The puppy mills are disgusting farms that should be out-lawed. The puppy mills are dirty, thus, THE PUPPIES WILL BE SICK. Don’t feel bad for the pet shop dogs because some people may not buy them and the shop might close down

  • @lightningthehamster whats a puppy mil?

  • @k9enthusiast There’s actually a lot wrong with those videos. His crate is outside and he’s 11 weeks old. He is at risk of developing barrier frustration and catching various airborne virus’ like distemper. Teaching a dog protection work at 11 weeks is also detrimental to their developmental stage. Unless he’s training it for the military, I don’t see the point of what he’s doing. He has no regard for the dog’s health. At all.

  • What did he say at 4:00?

  • I seen a puppy that must be a eukanuba puppy. The training on this puppy”Viper bulldog” is mind blowing. 11 weeks old and to be obedience and protection trained with control is unreal, watch in for yourself thats “viper bulldog”.

  • 0:01 – 0:13 That music made this a somewhat epic intro.

  • @lightningthehamster wait if you don’t want the puppy to be tortured, wouldnt you get one from the pet store so one less tortured puppy?

  • @GGGGJohan its an australlian shepard i luv dogs! 🙂

  • thanx u guys help alot im getting a pup soon:)cant wait!! 😀

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  • the music is really annoying

  • @GGGGJohan
    I think thats a blood hound but im not entirely sure

  • what is with these people, play with a puppy 20 minutes a day then put it in the crate the rest of the day. TRAIN your dog, you don’t really have to teach them all those cool tricks and stuff, but train them to use the bathroom outside. Also a few “mistakes” are inevitable. Let a dog be a dog, if kids wanna play tug of war, safely of course, making sure not to hurt the dog, then what is the problem. Idiots trying to take the fun out of life, BTW, eukanuba is not really the best brand of food.

  • @TheAirbusGuy woops i meant the dog before that one the white and grey one

  • @GGGGJohan
    dachshund idk if i spelled it right. its a wiener dog

  • hey does anybody know what kind of dog is at 0:03

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