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Q & A: 16 weeks old puppy training tips toilet?

Question : 16 weeks old puppy training tips toilet My little puppy 16 weeks does not seem to be learning it needs to go to the bathroom at the extérieur.Je take away every hour when I’m home, but it does virtually nothing. When he does, I reward him with a lot of hassle. Most of the time (especially when it rains), I’ll stay out for about 20 minutes (I have just been standing for 30 minutes in the rain) and I gave up, he ran into the house and pees on the tapis.Pendant the day, it is in the kitchen with my other dog (female, was toilet trained at 14 weeks) and they enter the garden through a doggy door. If the weather is good, there’s generally not be a mess when I come home from work. If it rained, there will be some damage to my male puppy. It seems he does not like the rain, and if he ran from the house, it will just go anywhere où.Je really do not want to “train case” for him. My method worked with my other dog, my dogs and families. I just seem to have a hard time with lui.Un advice? Best answer: Answer

give treats every time he does it works well, but make sure you take your puppy every time he wakes up after a meal before he goes to bed, especially after he is done playing. After reading is important because when they are young, they get excited and tend to urinate more. If you take them before it’s time for them to go to bed, and it seems he does not want to go there, play with him and get him excited, which seems to make them want to go to the toilet more quickly. Over time, the puppy will begin to realize that outside is where it should go to the bathroom.

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  • ROFL ….. some are just difficult to train, and the body * * may be your only option, to maintain peace in the house, and the carpet to deteriorate …. You can try 30 minutes next pot breaks instead of one hour, and stay until the job is done, no matter what … * Once you give * you made a mistake … The puppies are intelligent and understand things quickly …. He knows, knows that you put on when he wants to let in. .. Say NO, loudly, back in the grass, a million times if you have to, and not leave the puppy in till the job is done ….. Good luck and stay with diligent nit ….. 😉 …..

  • I like this method, get a bell and rap it around your door with a chain. Every time he needs to go to the bath ring the bell and take him outside. After a while, it will sound on its own to let you know that he must go. My dog ​​used and it was adorable! But you can get doggie pee pads to begin with.

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