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question Dragongirl : 2? strict about my dogs …. I have an old intact male reg 25 weeks. Border Collie (trialing). I’m trialing him this summer, and will go to a clinic with Fonsie Bason (African trainer) and a few others. I started slowly with little pressure on the sheep and it is wonderful. I work with my award 2 years reg male. intact cattle dog and my border collie and both are reliable and leash, and very friendly or neutral to all dogs, depending on the situation and the personality of the two dogs. The fight is not tolerated in the least. My dog ​​is male bovine PPT.J ‘ve had a few people tell me that I am strict with my dogs, and one day they will bite me for not having enough freedom. Im curious to strict i am with my dogs are some of the things I do with my dogs as “retouching” training or simply to make sure they know that I am the alpha and they are listening. sit down before mangerHasard sometimes sit-down meal. (Not every day) Wait a while before being released kennel (boxes) Walk beside / behind me without a leash. No tractionPas bed or two beds. They sleep on dog beds and toys on plancher.Peaux (valuables) should not be monitored until moi.Ombilical can lead dog in the house, or is incapable of loose boxes. 20 minutes twice a day EVERY base.Non commands allowed in the kitchen or dining room or some other manger.Et choses.Mes dogs seem pretty happy …. but I’m a little worried I’m being strict.autre thing: When I say stay and leave the room I expect the dog to stay where he was when I left. Can I leave my dog ​​in a bath and they expect etcOui they get 3 hours dog park and both do agility, fly ball and makes my heeler dogs and dogs disk dock. They have an outdoor enclosure to play and be cares (2 acres.Oui they get 3 hours in dog park and both do agility, fly ball and makes my heeler dogs and dogs disk dock. They have a pen outside to play and be cares (2 acres They get a lot of love when you sit and watch TV in the house suiet with us while we watch TV and play ‘have a lot of people more at home, some of which I do not really like / want dog hair on them. Keeping them out of the main living room (we have 2 at home) Maintains the clean room and the kitchen . Generally they have free roam if we arent busy (visits to small umbilical) In addition, it is fair play, we did not force him to do so. We left to run and play on the grounds we did not make him the race. We also keep a online slot when leaving jouer.Meilleure response:

Response by Nicky
Maybe you should give him treats and play with it instead of orders 24/7. dogs with the only commands it needs is: down, sit, lay and stay. simply start with them.

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  • I do not think so. Dogs are pack animals and need a strong leader.

  • Do you allow time each day to just be a dog? Play, run, what they want? Without being supposed to do something? If this is the case, I’d say you’re not too strict. You are a responsible owner who took the time to train their dogs. If, on the other hand, your dog never get to have fun and unstructured behave like dogs from time to time, then I would definitely say that you are too strict. They are living beings, not robots.

  • Yes, chill out.

  • I do not think you’re too strict on your dogs. I do the same. The only thing I would do different is that I give my dogs along the house. Their families too. Kennel when im gone or sleeping (still a puppy) but I do not limit that room, it can and cant go.

  • Are you kidding me? Your dogs sound like they have a wonderful life. Dogs need exercise and purpose. You give them that. If you love your dogs and enjoy them, you could mieux.Si more people took the time and effort that you do, they would be much healthier dog out there with fewer problems comportement.Avec admiration, Andrea

  • I think you do a wonderful job. They have their own free time. Your dogs are wonderfully trained and obedient. Dogs need a strong leader, your dog, you’re it! People who think you’re being too strict on your dogs are probably the ones who spoil them like crazy.

  • Strict yes, strictly not your dogs are not ordinary animals but they either cause for the tests are more like dogs travail.Je’ve never heard of a dog turning point because it rules, I’ve never heard of a dog running because of physical violence.

  • I do not think you are too strict, as long as you are also showing them affection. Dogs become accustomed to what is expected of them. Working dogs are usually treated differently from animals straight, my dogs are shultzhund worked very hard too, but they are very happy and connected with me.

  • There is no way that you are too strict – you be the owner of a property! Dog training and obedience CRAVE – They want to learn, listen and be good – and it seems that your dogs do a great job in place. I’m the same way with my dogs. But as another user mentioned – give your time for dogs dogs – my dogs take a few hours a day when I get home to go out and play and just be dogs Nutso, to let go and enjoy their lives.

  • In my opinion, it is always better to train more than not trying at all. There is, however, a distinct lack of love, play and affection for these dogs (unless you did not write). After all, nobody would join the service if Boot Camp lasted forever. People join the service knowing that they will have to spend training camp, then life will meilleure.Asseyez before you eat is normal it is good to get a dog calm before eating and set an expectation behavior. Taking your dog away from his food (that you gave) is counterproductive and could send a mixed message. Dogs are loyal and they expect you to be faithful. If you give something, it is sound – especially food. 20 minutes per day on orders very well if the dog is a pleasure and you are reasonable. If the dog hates, then your efforts will not work. Dogs that are trained in the proper sense, love their training time! Regard to your dog that you are forgetting Alph-this is not possible. Once you are alpha, alpha you in mind of a dog. This can be enhanced by the command sit / stay. The market-it’s nice when a dog walk beside you, but I have a hunting dog, and it is in his blood be upon the man before he could explore. As it does not draw, I do not care that it is in the front because it is not my purpose to briser.Assurez that you’re not breaking the true spirit of your dog by stay close by to walk. A herding dog by nature, is able to walk in front of you without feeling alpha (he has a job to do). Good luck.

  • they are working dogs and you are offering a job. there is nothing like Border Collie more than working to train and practice commands with them is what will keep your dog happy. your expectations are clear and they are more than acceptable rules to put on your dog. even if you are careful and work a lot with your dog I do not think you are too strict, these dogs are working, they do not want to cuddle and rubbed his belly all day, they want to work and they want a teacher to tell them how, if they find themselves with thousands of other working dogs in shelters. good luck

  • Your dog is too young to be launched on sheep. Your dog should be started no earlier than one year at least. British Columbia should not be doing things like flyball and agility, his bones are seals are damaged. Your dog will not be ready for trial this summer. It takes a minimum of one year to be ready for trial.

  • Sounds like my house …… the only difference is that I never give females and rawhides because they are dangerous …. bottlenecks causing

  • This is my personal opinion that you are too strict. I have a miniature dachshund very well behaved. She knows that I am the alpha, but I do not do half of these things and do not need to do so. It seems that you can enjoy the power trip you get your order dogs around so much. It is one thing to have working dogs, it is another to spend as much time telling them what to do and what not to do. My dog ​​should not pull on or behind and walk. She never keeps her toys, and she is perfectly behaved in the house. She’s so good she does not stay in a crate. She knows a miriad commands and tricks, but I do not spend 20 minutes a day on eux.Ce + is most strange to me is the sit command random meals. Is this really necessary? I think overkill. So I let my dog ​​run free in the house when I’m home. When I’m not at home, I closed the doors of the room, but other than that, it has free run. If your dogs are very well behaved, so I do not understand why they do not have free run. Now you shedders. So I see it the dining room, I guess. In addition, I hope you do not torture them with the stay and the room thing all the time. It is understandable to teach and reinforce control, but do not try to sergeant and “wrong” all the time so that you can yell at them if they do not obey. This is when it starts to cross the ligne.Quoi Either way, I think you should relax a little. They are dogs, but they are also members of the family. Do not live a lifestyle militaristic. This is just my opinion, since you asked. I do not think they bite you for it though – it’s just crazy. I congratulate you for taking the time and energy to train your dog, though. Too many people are too lazy for that today.

  • Nansonne dogs as well entraînésvoulez work with me?

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