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Q & A: Alaskan Malamute outside …. friends do not like it. Advice please?

question Taven : Alaskan Malamute outside …. friends do not like it. Advice please!? I am the owner of 4 dogs Alaskan Malamute, and I live in northern New Hampshire. I grew up with these dogs in my life, and now have the pack I do now live with my family My question is: With the summer happening here recently, I keep the packet to the indoors, where they usually sleep in a big pile in the kitchen. With winter coming, however, I am preparing for conversion coat usually once the colder days. Normally, as last year, and for most of my life, dogs spend the winter sleeping outside. It is very cold here, of course, but they will literally drag their feet when I try to get them outside, followed by a lot of singing. (If you have an evil, you know what I mean!) Until they are let out. In short, it is almost impossible to dormir.Ma good girl (who is 17), and even now some of my family members, commented to me recently that I should not “subject” them this year. I guess the conflict is that, to my knowledge, my dogs were bred for that kind of time, and almost need their fat winter coat for expansion and other winter activities we do with them. (Luge, skijoring, etc.) So, is there a way to “train” my dogs tolerate being inside? This will lead to them losing their winter adaptations? Is it possible to explain this to someone? Please and thank you to all respondents …. Best answer: Response

a shelter puppies rule ♥ ♥
He ‘ really does not matter that they could not survive the winter (they would still need a shelter dog house it is the law) They are part of the family and must be within . My friend has 2 alaska malamutes and they are very sociable with his family. Yes, they lose a lot, daily brushing can. It is superimposed they would lose their “winter adaptations” (they can not lose the genes themselves) add: If I let my dogs do what they wanted they eat shit ** geese and deer hunting up ‘burnout. we are human beings, they are dogs, for some reason.

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  • They are bred to live outside in the snow. If they do not want to come, just make sure their dog houses are very well insulated and set aside. They are accustomed to it and it is obvious that they enjoy. They are made for cold neigeux.Vous can try to stay inside, but if they do not then there is not much you can do about it. If they have adequate housing, I do not see what the problem is. I knew Huskies and Malamutes work who sleep outside all the time simply because they did not like being inside. They were not neglected or anything and has participated in many sports, in addition to being therapy dogs with their CGC.

  • Do what your dog wants. When we had our Siberia, he never came inside in winter. And in Colorado, it can get very cold. It would literally come inside long enough to eat and drink, then immediately outside, it would be the tête.Surtout if your dogs participate in many winter activities and have a heavy coat winter, it is almost cruel to keep them inside, where we humans keep hot for our own confort.Je would not force the dogs outside. But if they want to stay outside, then let faire.EDIT: There is a huge difference between a race extremely heavy coated preferring the open fresh air over the heated inside, and a dog in away with whatever she wants. Be inside of the heat is simply unbearable for them, especially if they are competing in the outdoors and their winter coat is still built plus.Normalement, yes, a dog must be on the home with his family is “pack”. But Nordic breeds are known to be more solitude while others, and there are 4 of these dogs. They are hardly limited only to the outside without their “pack”. They are together. And destruction is obviously not a problem if these dogs are kept outside in the past years.

  • It’s better for the dogs begin to spend their nights out now, because the time is changing, so they have good coats for winter sports. Sure that dogs have time quality with you and the rest of the family, and that means some time inside, but certainly when you need your furnace, I think dogs would be happier outside. I l usual to have a dog house, an Australian shepherd, who liked to sleep on the snow banks and snow does not melt off his coat, with Mals healthy, this is an order of magnitude more impressive . Remind your family that dogs grow their winter coats based on a combination of heredity and the length of the day. The shorter days, next week at the autumnal equinox, over their coats will thicken. I do not think you can stop anyone to see how they will suffer the indoor temperature should not begrudge them outside their comfort. Sure the dogs have access to a shelter (not that they will use it … lol) and eat high quality food, make sure they have clean water, and spend quality time with them, and it is difficult to say something critical.

  • They are obviously not freeze to death if they refuse to come into the house. Make sure they have shelters / houses dogs stay warm and are out of the wind so that they are cool, they have a place where aller.Ils are not greyhounds. They are built by cold weather.

  • I think it is best to keep dogs inside, but if they hate, then I show you this quote to your family and friends … “” The coat of the Alaskan Malamute has a dense coat double which is 2 to 3 inches long. This dense layer is what allows the Alaskan Malamute to stay outside in winter conditions in the Arctic. “The quote came from an article entitled” Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Profile Information. “I hope you can get this problem resolved quickly with your family. Empathize with you I try to reason with a teenager. Son I raised three. I know what you mean about the ability of the Malamute “sing.” I had a Malamute mix that could “sing” and “talk.” He was quite a character fun! Greetings to you, my fellow dog-loving friend 🙂

  • I agree with others who said that if the dogs do not want to be inside during the winter, and you do not see a specific need for them to be, then there is no reason to bring them in. Normally I’m not one to give to a dog “wants”, but these dogs were bred to withstand the cold. Altogether. They obviously do not have a problem with it, and so they have adequate housing (detached homes dogs), etc. .. I see no problem with keeping them outside during the winter. I could see where they would have a problem if your dogs are, for example, a .. APBT, Boxer, Doberman, Bulldog, etc. which had a very short dress which has not been built and grew to bear and tolerate the cold. However, is that these dogs were bred for. Huskies and adults. Sled dogs (and some other breeds with longer fur and thick coats and undercoats) generally were higher in cold weather, and were bred to tolerate it, and some really loved the cold. I had a husky when I was younger, she loved winter. She was an outside dog, and she would literally throw it on the dog house by negative degree weather while neigeait.Elle would go so far as to sit on top of his dog house and scream , tail wagging all the time. It is very rare chose to come to the house (it was suggested), and when she did, she did stay for a few minutes to an hour before you go whining to the outside. We never let it go beyond whining, because we knew that the next step was lol.Je agree that you should show them the quote Nanci posted (sorry if I spelled your name bad!). If this quote does not work, tell your friends and family when they begin to pay for the dog food, shelter, etc. .. then they can start to complain about their situation in life 🙂

  • There are dogs and dogs. I have two Siberian huskies and they want to sleep outside, even in winter. It is perfectly normal that these dogs prefer to be outside. So do what you want dogs.

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