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Q & A: Autism and stress on the marriage?

question Mamie : autism and stress on marriage My husband and I have struggled emotionally deal with the severity of autism in our 3 year old son since his diagnosis last year. This is a child who does not know his name, can not speak, answer questions or to recognize in the public cries, bites when he is frustrated and smears feces all over himself and his room on a régulière.Nous have led specialists to early childhood intervention, speech therapy and ABA in our house every day. We tried the gluten-free diet / CF, which makes him incredibly ill and had to be discontinued after a month. I do not like or agree with the ABA, it seems that the “dog training”, but my husband is convinced that we are trying everything we did pouvons.Rien aidé.A the end of my rope here, please reply aider.Meilleure : Response

by justasking88
I’m sorry for your son’s condition. Children autism can be very difficult. My sister is a counselor one-on-one child with autism and has done wonders with its customers. Maybe your son needs more care one-on-one. Have you tried a counselor one-on-one

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  • my brother is autistic … try to cut certain foods in your diet .. seriously .. every child is different .. but my brother is strictly vegies and fruits .. his siezures were caused by bread … take blood and poo tested and see what you need to cut … and I’m sry that happened .. good luck!

  • Your husband is right, you must try. It may seem like the dog training you, but it really is not. the thing is incredibly sad about autism is that we do not really know what’s going on inside. My niece was diagnosed too and has been at the school since the age of 3. My sister tries equally. Some days it seems to others but not worth its tout.vous can not give up, even if you see a treatment as useless as you have to try.

  • We regret that there is no cure for autism. But we can do better. My causin is autistic, and if she can never live alone or support her, she learned to dress, bathe, and ammount a sense, like the five or six years ans.les Chances are that your son will be with you, and need your help for the rest of his life. which can exert tension on marrages it often. There are houses full of children with autism Whoes parents have abandoned them, or could not deal with them. Terrible, but it is suggested vrai.Je therapy, not your son, but you and your husband. You must learn to work together for the benifit of your son. He can not help who he is, but you can help how you decide to deal with it.

  • Does he qualify for Katie Beckett? if this is the case, this is a production that community see him as a disabled person in place of part of the income of his father. community will give him the help and assurance that wil help as it grows. You can also try the marriage and individual counseling. I have autism and Asperger I am Katie Beckett program. it helps a lot. Hope this helps a bit for you. sorry to hear about your son.

  • I’m sorry this is not going to be helpful, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for your situation, I’m sure you already have, but do as much research as you can via the internet about alternative treatments. Your husband and you really need to talk about it because it is too difficult to bear the lion’s share of this on your own ….

  • I do not really have much advice on this type of therapy, you should try with your son. However I grew up in a family with a severely mentally handicapped sister. All I can say is pray a lot and find a support system. Maybe a church with a program with special needs? First child of my parents has been disabled and they lasted 28 years in marriage. I know you can do it too. Good luck! I pray for you.

  • Well, I have a cuzin autistic and is now fighting 10. It is (well was) the same way but my uncle found him a little better, but it was still bad, he ate only food mushed up, Take tamptrums anger, still in diapers, receives all cant communicate, and it now goes to school in Indianapolis and is taught sign language we speak and he will also learn how to get to the bathroom and others. It is ten times better. He eats really well now and he is also three signs for food, bathroom (even if he goes in his diaper anyway), want to love … requires more work, but 10 times am happy cuz i couldnt have made for myself much longer, but I suggest that schools Patty: 0) Hope it helps

  • salutJe understand the pain that you go through. there may be several options for you. one as indicated by your husband to try everything that can possibly help is something I agree with. To begin, I will list some things that are probably too unconventional for you, but will certainly help your child to a certain degree. I do not quote general medicine that you are already trying. 1. Pranic Healing: it is an art of caring for people who use energy. This course is simple and can be purchased by anyone. since the child is very young, it can respond better. consult the nearest foundation of Pranic Healing and you will get all the details. the process is slow but surely utile.2. Crystal healing: What is relatively new to me, but consult a suitable crystal healer to see if it fonctionne.3. Reiki: This is similar to Pranic Healing. it can be learned by you and your husband and applied to the child. All the best and hope this helps.

  • Please look for a support group in your area. Other parents may be a wealth of not only knowledge, but can you say about the realities of daily life for the parent. Other parents can share programs that have helped doctors see adults, schools, etc. They can be a shoulder to cry on and someone to share the steps and small. Reach out, they love to share!

  • I’m really sorry to hear about your fight child. My niece is autistic, and I can understand what you are going passer.Eh Well, it is a direction-changing vie.Le most important thing is to accept this fate and be in charge of your child. I know that some other cases, where the wife or husband was too selfish and walked one way to another case relation.Dans my niece, her parents were up to. It pays very well. She has 8 years now and she can do the arithmetic, it can read and write and do simple communication and phrases.Ce I know that these things really well: GF / FCAu early behavioral therapy interventionMB12 injections .. very importantce therapies are most importantsils have tried many things. clation mercury detoxification to remove mercury from the body (especially if you think that autism is not a case in genetic family) they also tried oxygen, it was difficult to evaluate the results, especially that if they were more than a method to foismais you really need patience biencertains these treatments could take months and years before a real improvement .. it is great investment of time, money and émotionsmais of the results are worth it .. beaucoupbonne luck

  • My brother is autistic and I worked in group homes for years. I can not understand your grief, I certainly sympathize with your défi.Tout First, I do not dismiss too quickly Applied Behavioral Analysis. There is no guarantee, but I have seen it work very well with children. I understand the “dog training” analogy, but if it helps you manage some of its behavior can not end justifies the means He obviously needs some, and can not respond to conventional means of some other children répondent.Deuxièmement, it is encouraging to see that you have attempted to intervene as soon as possible. Much of the research show that we can intervene sooner the better. Nevertheless, progress often take a long time. Do not be contemptuous therapy if it does not work in the day, week, month, or whatever the time is. continue and try to keep small gains.Troisièmement note, do not forget to take care of you and your husband during this time. Try to coordinate with local agencies who specialize in this area and get some kind of relief for yourself. There are many constraints both now live. Difficult as it may be, you need to set aside time for you both and enjoy the company of autres.Je wish you good luck.

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