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Question asked by Stephy best route for my puppy training I decided that I need to build a little with my dogs and their training so I was looking for in different groups of training and one who really had surprising results Sit Means Sit was. Yes, I know they use negative reinforcement, but they also use treats. And yes, I know they use “shock collars”, but I felt an adjustment on the people are supposed to use it on (on my neck!) And it is nothing but an embarrassment. No pain. That said, I still have a few doutes.Cas: Oliver is my youngest dog, almost a year now and be a puppy, he has ADD. : PI know it will be blurred for a while, since thats just how the puppies are, but I really want to take advantage of some of its energy and use it to obey the commandments. He did not emphasize that this is the time we go out for a walk. Here is my problem: I would use treats / praise, again and again until he learns but when I try to give him a treat, he will not even watch it xD he has no interest in the treatment whatsoever when we’re out. Just all the interesting sights and smells. : 3 I think the neck would really help, because it would be an external irritant (as in, it would not feel like I was actually punished, I would never raise his voice to him or say “no” I would just use the pass) and he could not ignore, unlike a treat. How do you get a dog to come in a busy dog ​​park with treats when the dog does not even care about ’em? :] The only reason I hesitate is that I do not want my dog ​​to turn into a robot that it does everything I ask for little and nothing else. I want his personality to be there because it is a great dog and my best friend, not a tool for me to use. (I am 16, so I consider him a friend ^ ^) All I really want is to focus a little more embarrassing situations. Any solutions? Is it right to practice over and over? Case 2: Jake Jake is my older dog. It is about 6 years now. (I do not know specific age for both dogs because I found two of them wandering the streets like little puppies.) It has a huge problem with aggression towards people and dogs. It is very territorial and protective of me, that does not bother me while I’m in my own home, but when I take him for a walk, he growls and barks and pulls on the leash every time someone walks past. Other than that, it is very well trained and very intelligent. He learns very quickly and know that my family and I are the alphas. No worries there. I would really be able to take her to the dog park without killing people or other dogs D: (No, he never killed someone lol) I like that it is a watchdog, I would just really be able to control it, it keeps it when I want to keep. However, when I think of him to Sit Means Sit in the class, I could almost cry! (I love my dog) He is old and has sooo much to me when I did not do my best work to train. (I was younger and had very little patience):) He is faithful, intelligent and responsive (except when there are people who come near me). I would feel bad for him to put in all the stress of a stranger handling him and forcing him to obey. Again, I feel bad every time I go to the dog park and can not take Oliver, leaving Jake let us look out the window. (Such a sad sight!) I think it would be so much happier if we could conquer the attack and let him play with people and other dogs. Yet it is old and I love to pieces. I do not want the stress, after all he has done for me. What are your thoughts? If you need more details, let me know. :] And thank you! Best answer: Answer

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  • Find a training course that does not use negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement works much better when used consistently. Dogs want to please you. Always praise and reward. Some dogs do not want they want to treat the condition. Good luck

  • If it were me, that kind of negative reinforcement would be an absolute last resort. And I do not think you’re still here. Positive reinforcement is about more than candy. It’s about what motivates your dog. Some dogs are not just motivated by food, but a tennis ball or a squeaky toy will turn all eyes on you. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right treatment, the one you dog goes absolutely crazy for. Generally they are stinky little treats, but nothing a good strong soap can not handle. Bit of warmed hot dog or chicken are a few favorites, a dab of peanut butter, liver … créativité.Avec show your two dogs, but especially Jake, you could really use the advice of a qualified trainer or behaviorist. Believe me, none of us can do on our own. Even the trainers learned over someone else’s way at the time. So do not think asking for help is in no way admitting defeat or a reflection of your own abilities. Again both of your dogs, but especially Jake, I think positive reinforcement is the way. Look at it this way: Jake already believes that other people are a threat. If you associate the sight of a stranger with a negative value (the shock), this is going to reinforce what he already believes to be true. But if you are able to create positive associations with people (say, by having him throw them a tasty treat as they walk by), it will start to look forward to meeting the next person who may have a surprise for lui.Il is Clearly you love your dog. I have quite a few years on you, and I consider my dogs to my friends too. I have no doubt that you do the best you can and agree with you that it would be useful to “step things.” But I think you can do better than this particular training center. For the record, I’m not familiar with the company and are unaware of their methods that you specified. I do not condemn them. But I believe that negative reinforcement (especially at this level) should be used when there is no other choice. Choose a positive training, you will not regret it. Good luck Edited to add: TJ: I apologize if I offended anyone with my misuse of terms. Negative reinforcement is always the first term to jump in my mind with electric collars because it is the theory of the members of my group field training to operate. When you teach a look there is a strong stim low given the dog is removed once they catch the bird. I have not personally train my dog ​​in this mode, but do the research before I started so I can make a choice éclairé.Pour reason for this discussion, go ahead and substitute punishment for negative reinforcement. But it’s still a solid answer and I stand. I never said that we should not use punishment (which I mistakenly called neg. Renfort) at all. Notice qualifiers used each time as “there” and “gender.” I think when training a dog you should strive to use the lowest effective level of an aversive stimulus. To go directly an electric collar just because the dog has so far ignored a treat especially when the outside is too big a jump in my book. Although the sentence may be an occasional necessity, most of any training program (in particularly in the initial phases of education) should focus on positive reinforcement. This does not mean that we become robots deal with distribution, possibly praise is all you need. It builds drive dog if you want you can plaît.Vous doubt my capacity to train if you want, but my dog ​​titles and conduct large-speak for themselves. It’s a shame you feel the need to attack . There are better ways to educate people.

  • Try your local training club, they have all sorts of classes and workshops amusants.http: / /

  • “If it were me, this kind of negative reinforcement would be an absolute last resort” Obviously no one has any idea what operant conditioning is encore.La only difference between the positive and negative reinforcement is positive is to add something negative and is subtracted from any causes or enhances chose.Renforcement behavior désiré.Réduit or prevents the suppression of behavior, and again positive by adding something and something negative is you stick soustrait.Lorsque your knee to prevent the dog from jumping is positive punishment. When you ignore the dog to avoid jumping is negative punishment. When you do not give the dog the cookie, which is also the negative punishment. The reality is that it is totally impossible for you or your dog to go through life without experiencing all four segments of operant conditioning. So get used to it, and forget the idea that you can train a dog using nothing but positive reinforcement, because it is impossible totale.Donc the question is not should or not all four segments to be used, the question is how should they be utilisées.Outre operant conditioning, there as classical conditioning, and unless you know how and when to use each one, you think you know how to form and operate a conventional chien.Concepts are the foundation of any training program / method, and without an understanding of these concepts while training program / method is standing on thin ice.

  • well using an E-collar in my 5 + years of training is a great way to train a dog of any age. Yes u can fight w / people saying they are bad for dogs, but cuz E-collars have radically changed from 30 + years when u have only one type of stimulation and was wide open now u can get all the nice e-collar that can range from 1 to 127 (but no one ever uses 127) fav my brand is evidence of water DOGTRA necklaces, 1 + mile wide, etc. .. 2 hours of battery charge on dogs anyways urCas 1: OliverNO hes not going to be a Robot w / u E collars are just going to have more control w / blurred his ways, but because he doesn’t want to be treated then u to look for other things like praising a LOT, and / or toys that help some dogs. The cool thing about the e-collar is that when u are in a higher level of training, off leash training will be easy for all u Cuz U can fix w / out leave of him at all temps.Cas 2: Jakes going to be a dog train hard and I think the trainers would say u to get a private lesson for him (for the safety of other dogs and people) and take only the hard way just take private lessons w / him, subheading will help u more ur dog behavior and how to stop it. A E-Pass will be good but u have to invest in a muzzle for him to safety trainer u and ur Because a dog has a flight mode or battle and w / him, he will be fighting / biting and sometimes they do not care if it bite last thing you have to see if the trainer knows the right way to use the E-colExemple: Making E-neck and the collar zapping the right way is the wrong way to do it does not work because the dog know what is correct, then u will get a dog that will be all * A fear of the e-collar or * B will build a tolerance to pain necklace. but work together w / the neck using a leash and give the first corrections, as u would w / a pinch collar or the dog food is better under the collar and what you want them u.J do to hope that this helps u take more training w / e pass and that the search for a coach w / a lot of experience w / this necklace can teach u its just not bad for them its the best way to control ur happy go lucky dog. And I like some of Sit means Sit some trainers really know what they do then good luck.

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