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SnowGold12 Question : Can I do with my dog ​​ I am thinking of getting a chihuahua in a few months. I have a walk-in closet in my apartment. It is small, but still a walk-in. I plan on litter training my chihuahua. Instead of “crate training” with the litter box in the cage, I could “train closet”? Could I put all the things the puppy in this office as it’s own little room? ie bed, food, water, litter box, toys, blankets, etc. I would not close the door, except during the night and when I’m not at home. She would be there to eat, potty, and when it is night or when I left. Would this work? Laura: Thank you, but if you look at the dogs litter train small, it is actually reccommended by vets and breeders of many. In addition, the firm has a light. But you are right about sleep, where they “go” thing. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.Merci at all to make me understand that! I’m sorry, I do not even think the thing window. Although the baby carrier is a good idea. I think I should just do the right thing baby carrier and litter box in a separate room, or simply cash-place.Okay the train, one more edit. I think I made my decision and just do the traditional crate training and burglary (by passing OUTSIDE). Thank you, guys. One last question though ….. After the dog is already high, did you continue with the cash? Bobbie: Why, thank you for drawing my attention! I am well aware that a seventeen year old can not and should not adopt a dog. However, I am waiting until I am an adult, living conditions and stable job in one pass. And actually, I already graduated and I’m in college. Thank you for the concern, cependant.Meilleure response: Answer

by Laura
There is nothing wrong with keeping a dog confined when you are but you must treat it as crate training and let the dog feel safe there, BUT it is important to note that it is cruel to keep a dog in the dark all the time (even if they can see in the dark) and also that the dogs will not go to the bathroom in the same place where they sleep, so that the litter training thing is gone-it’s a stupid idea anyway, that dogs cats are not and do not like going in the litter boxes! If you get a dog, it does not matter where you live you need to train him to go outside so he goes out there on your morning and evening walks, he will not need a litter box and won “t like the idea.

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  • Ive yet to meet a dog that was “pad trained” or “litter trained” that is completely familier.Quand you train body, you do not put the litter box in the cage. The point of crate training is that a puppy will not soil in the box! Puppies do not like the pot where they sleep. So, crating when you can not monitor, ensure that the puppy is not going where it should not passer.Sauf if you are hanging over the puppy whenever jars (whether to correct to go in the wrong place, or praise for using the right place), you can not expect it to be housebroken. The puppy will not simply use the litter box just because it’s there. Unless you’re really there to rent / correct the puppy, there is nothing to stop the puppy from peeing around your repository robe.AJOUTÉEEn continuing with the cash, depends on the dog. Some dogs are trustworthy and do not need the cash. Some still use their funds to deny, or when the owner is absent. I had a dog who prefers to fund nite, and it was just destructive if it is not out of his cage and him alone .. my other dogs do not need a box.

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  • Probably not, unless you have a window in your closet. Even the night in each room in your house with a window will receive some light from outside, at least enough for a dog to see (they look better in the dark as us). Put it in a dark closet at all would be cruel IMO. If you do not want a box, consider a bullpen instead, or simply to cover the cabinet door with a baby gate at Instead of closing the porte.Soyez careful about litter training. If this is not done properly, it may well turn against you and result in a dog that is not very high at all. It is usually easier to teach the dog outside toilet first, then introduce the litter box. In this way, it will already have a very clear understanding of the notion of some places are suitable for bathing and some places are not before confronting the puzzle of why the toilet in a box number, c is correct, but not another box, or why go to the toilet in a room is okay, but not another room. Inside vs. outside is simply a much clearer distinction for the dog when you start toilet training. — Edited to add — Nekkid is right on the dog is not learn to use the litter on its own, like a cat would. This is a proposal not natural for them. This means that you must supervise them, notice when they need to go, put them in the box to go, then praise heavily when they do go. The same as when you teach outside their restrooms. The difference is that with the formation of litter you’re much less likely to have a reliable dog toilet trained that if you teach him to go outside, at least initially. Just look at the number of questions on Y! One on how to get a small dog to stop the toilet inside and how many of those pee pads or litter used instead of grass. Yes, a dog can be litter trained, but very few owners have the skill or patience to actually produce a dog that reliably used a litter box. Cats are so much easier. As long as you keep it clean, most cats naturally imitate their mothers and viola: you have a cat litter trained with only the effort of getting the debris every day. Training a dog to use a litter box is a lot more work intensif.Un further comment on the idea closet. This is not only in the light. In a crate, the dog can see out. He can see the activity going on in the house. It’s like the television dog, he has something to watch. In a closet, he is in solitary confinement. With a baby gate or ex-pen, he will have the same opportunity to see their environment, but with more space than it would in a caisse.Une fund is set up so that there is a pretty place to eat, sleep and no more. Here’s how it works to help with toilet training. The dog is naturally averse to the bathroom where he sleeps. In a pen with a sufficient margin, it really will designate different areas for sleeping, eating, and yes, toileting. However, it may decide to sleep in the litter and toilet on her bed. This is where the supervision and training come in.

  • man these ppl say it can work there dude, and I have a terrier does the same thing (at least the idea of ​​bedding which is kinda silly) but my puppy is going on puppy pads, but be sure to u always by the same brand cuz they all feel different and if uu could change half to form once again, but to place the carpet on the other side of the bed n the closet (so it wont b in the same place, she sleeps (- this problem is solved)) put a light in the closet (another problem solved), but other than that it will take patience to pee on the floor and if u just get pee go to the beach to let them feel, my mother would lug my doggies movie when he went somewhere he should not have (when there are puppies, I guess a lot wrong =]) ensure that all food is toya bed placed on the other side of the wafer puppy

  • it could, but why would you? yes the box is used for other times.

  • This is really not a problem because of a minor, and you are only 17, can not buy or adopt a dog.

  • Yes, many people do this kind of training with their chihuahua

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