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Q & A: Can I teach a dog to go to bed instead of his training fund?

Question : Can I teach a dog to go to his bed instead of the formation Fund I will soon be getting a dog, a Maltese, toy, and I ‘m so excited and happy beyond words. My only problem is “Crate Training”. I really do not feel that it’s the right thing to do, to just put your dog in a crate and just left it there. I am a dog lover extreme and I curse anyone, or even eliminate them if they tried to hurt a dog. Even if the dog is homeless, it does not really matter to me. I consider dogs to be part of the family, and family member should not be enclosed in a box. Instead, I would have suggested to teach my puppy soon to be the expression “go to bed, or in a corner.” My cousin had her Shih Tzu dog for about 8 years. Maya (Shih Tzu) was never crate trained before, and I must say it is the best trained dog I have ever met. I am not exaggerating. My cousin taught Maya to “go to bed “when she was getting out of hand. If Maya has done something wrong, my cousin took two pieces of paper, rolled them up, then, do not be too hard, lost Maya on her backside. To me this would certainly be a good form of discipline, without being too rough. Maya definitely benefited from that and she does not learn to do what she should not do. My cousin did have to put a coat on it for a moment, when she was younger, but she still took the habit of going out side after every meal. Now she knows that if she never peed on the carpet, there will be “spanking” or “Go to your bed “punishments. I wonder, are” spanking “and” Go to your bed “punishments as effective as crate training? Thank you for answering if you did, and I know. I am a complete wimp when comes time to discipline your dog, especially because I am a very small. But, hopefully I’ll just learn to “man up” and take action, but to know, I will do the spanking and light sleep time 🙂 Best answer : Answer

by Britny
course you can .. it’s the same principle that education to go to his crate. Just work with him, and if you are unsure then just post another question asking how to teach your dog to go to his “place” … where ever that maybe and you should get many useful answers. Good chanceEt just a hint, the bed or crate should NEVER be used as a punishment … There are other ways to discipline your dog, as a pause that is equally if not more effective. Please keep in mind, and be sure to never make the bed a penalty or something negative.

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  • Crate training is the easiest method, more positive and stress-free housetraining a dog he is. In addition, a toy dog ​​who is crate trained can accompany you on airplanes, in restaurants and infiltrated other when you met with other dogs will stay maison.Voici how it is done: Crate the dog when you can not watch it, and he does not joke around the house. This means that you do not scold the dog, everything is bonheur.Si you can not be there to get him out every two hours, you need a dog park: They are available from other retailers This is where I got mine. Buy the biggest you can permettre.Tapisser the bottom with Dri-Dek tiles. They are sweet, but allow fluids through, and they are too difficult for most dogs chew toys. They are a foot square, so if you buy the 36 “x 36” model, you need nine Dri-Dek once they are available from other dealers, but that’s where I mien.Mettez the petty cash, he sleeps in, which should be just big enough for him to lie down, inside the pen. Put in a bowl of water, it can not tip over and you can feed him in there, aussi.Il will not spoil the rest of the house, and you can clean the pen when you get home vous.Pour fix an unpleasant odor in the house of all accidents (but if you are alert, there will not any), to the pet (or Jefferspets …) buy a bottle of miracle of nature makeup and deodorant, and wash the floors with it. For carpet, I use a Bissell Spotbot, or you can rent a carpet cleaner. ===

  • I have two dogs and I have never seen a case and what does it look lyks … The boxes were used for dogs that sometimes do not have anyone to superwise …. its a good idea use a bed instead of the box .. but u should be more patience in training toy dog ​​heart ..

  • crate training may be useful in the first two months just so that your puppy learns not to behave badly. we have a crate for our puppy that we got in February. and he slept in it every night with the door closed, just for the train, now, if we accidentally fall asleep on the couch or forgetting to put him to bed, we wake in the morning and it will be in bed because he knows that this is where it’s suposed to sleep. we never crate trained for the sentence if, at the place where our puppy was being mean, we put it on the floor and ignored. he is a commoner and not misbehave for attention sometimes so when we showed him we would not tolerate it and would not play when it’s like that now he has learned to stop when it is out of control. all dogs are different so just try what is best for you. Good luck – Ps on the issue try pee pads puppy until he learns to take when you leave it out!

  • Yes, you can train a dog to go to bed, but that should not be used for the effort! Furthermore, it is never necessary to hit your dog, even slightly. Dogs are eager to please and a better way of training is to reward them for doing things rather than clubbing them for bad. My creatures and children have always been good without me hitting them. If you can not afford a trainer or classes, there are good books to the library to help you teach your dog through positive reinforcement rather than punishment. The only sanction should be withdrawing your attention (turn your back and not make eye contact) when your dog jumps on you or not depending on your direction. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be a very nice dog parent!

  • It is not recommended. There are tons of advantages to crate training. You are not just pushing the dog in the cage, and leave. You are supposed to fund a special place, the dog bed, his place to go when he wants some quiet time. You put the dog in the crate when you can not look at 100% of the time while potty training / teeth, when you go out, and for lit.Crate training will keep your dog safe, and your property also. It will accelerate the process of burglary, and teach your dog behavior calme.NE NEVER hit a dog! Whatever the dog, never spank, swat, hit a dog etc.. This is an unacceptable form of punishment, and will only cause the dog is becoming aggressive or fearful / main timide.Je always say that crate training should be done for the first year of life. After 1 year you are off stage chewing, and the dog will be well élevé.J ‘have three dogs, all trained crate, they did not need their cash because they have become more trustworthy to be left alone. However, when I take them in the houses of others, they voluntarily enter into the coffers to fix. A crate trained dog really love his / her cage, and consider it a safe place, not a punition.La crate should never be used as a form of punishment. If the dog has an accident, take it outside to finish, then put the puppy in the crate nicely if you can clean the gâchis.J ‘I had a client who felt on crating your way. She has no cash boxer puppy, and ended up spending over $ 2,000 in vet bills because the dog has obtained an obstruction to eat when she has two layers disparu.Train crate your dog, never hit your dog, and be compatible with the formation.

  • Let me get this straight – you think crate training is cruel, but physical discipline is correct? I do not understand the progression of logical thinking here. Crate training is essential, even if you never, ever have to put your dog in a crate. I was very fortunate to have two puppies who have never had an accident in the night and they learned very quickly to go to the door in the morning to tell me they need pot. They sleep all night and they know when I say “go to bed” they go to their own bed and lay down. They always get a little treat to do, so they associate bedtime with positive reinforcement.

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