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Q & A: Dachshund stubborn! Can anyone help?

earnhardt3_8forever Question : Dachshund stubborn! Can anyone help? We have a 5 month old Dachshund puppy, who refuses to break home or be trained in any way. It belongs to my daughter (who is 14) and when she had obtained, it was too easy on the discipline. Now that the novelty is gone, it wants us to help him. It needs to be “trained”, but I fear it is too late. She has squandered with this for so long now. He also chews on everything despite having chew toys and other things to play with. The poor dog spends more time than ever in his cage, because we can not constantly monitor it. He refuses to listen to anyone, but my daughter, who can not bring himself to discipline with any autorité.Je know that dachshunds are stubborn and difficult to train (we’ve had before) but it is ridiculous. We are entering a new house soon and can not have that problem here. I do not want to give it, it would break her cœur.Quelqu one can give me a useful solution? I can not afford to have professional training for any lui.Merci aide.Meilleure response: Answer by

spinout980 As a breeder
Alaskan Malamutes, usually with 5 + puppies running around the house, the best way to train your puppy is to spend as much time with her as possible. My suggestion is to get a leash long enough to allow you to attach to your belt or even around your waist. Make sure it is not too long, since the point is to keep the puppy close to you at any time. When you are at home, the puppy to join you and keep an eye on him. In this way, it does not work freely around your home, do as he pleases, but rather is on your side, sticking with you and learn what you want it to do. This will also help to break since you’ll be able to see, when he began his “potty dance” from sniffing and indirect. Consistantly Try this (this is key) for a couple of weeks and see how things go. This technique has been the best tool I’ve used for puppies stubborn, and believe me, I had my fair share. In addition, he crate when you are not at home, but remember to take the pot just before you leave and when you get home. Since he spends so much time now in the till, make sure you begin to teach him that the fund is not a punishment but rather a place safe for him to go when he needs a break. Good luck!

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  • all over again with him, I had a dachshund puppies and once these are the most mischievous af all races! put news paper on your doorstep and it must be let out a LOT every day and will eventually own smell it and realize where external sound. your daughter should be more responsible and be the one to take it out and let it sniff and find its place. if she can catch it in the “act”, then take him immediately that he will catch on.They are really stubborn and wicked race, but it needs to be constant with him or he will never be of learn. it must be more firm with him and you firmer with her, she must take the good and the bad!

  • Crate training works best for burglary. Doxies and mark terribly. If it is a male, then get spayed now before he gets older or anything else you have a bigger problem. Even women Doxies marquer.Votre 14yo is not old enough to be responsible for a dog. It’s your dog, your responsibility. If the animal control knocks on your door, they will not be looking for the 14yo. You are mistaken if you think it should be totally responsible for the dog. It is and has always been the responsibility of the parent, do not go to the child. And the dog is better than home. The dog is better than carpet. The dog is better than the lawn. It amazes me that some people do not understand that.

  • Leaving it in its cage will not solve anything. It’s just mean. To chew my mother had the same problem with his dachshund. Try bitter apple spray for dogs. Eventually he grew out of it. Right now I have a mixed breed with the same problem. You must be consistent to say “no” for chewing and peeing in the house. Take the puppy outside every two hours and say go potty. When he does give him a treat and say good boy. Honestly your daughter is too young to be in charge of the dog. You must be one who feeds the dog and the dog shaped. It will eventually realize that you are the mother. I had my daughter a mini dachshund when she was younger, she also let the dog do it. But the dog knew I was the top dog. Just stay constant. As you said, they are stubborn, you have to break that.

  • courses in basic obedience are not expensive ….. this dog needs exercise more,,, it is cruel to keep in a cage because you do not want to train … the dog seems bored and because of that it is more destructive … dogs do not refuse to be well educated … etc.. ALSO THIS YEAR DOG ****,,, very very imortant for you to call your breeder for training tips and advice … Perhaps you should take a trip to the house owners for moral support.

  • Wow, after reading this, I feel blessed. I have a dach who peed in the house twice and was very high. They are also one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever had. Just keep working with it. The stubbornness that was created by not keeping things firm and stable. She gets away with it once then twice, then do not. Keep it steady and consistent.

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