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Q & A: Does my dog ​​need to “train” for a 5K dog walk?

reneek Question : Does my dog ​​need to “train” a dog for a walk 5K Hi! My dog ​​and I hope to do a 5 km walk for a charity. Of course, my dog ​​and I have to go on daily walks. But not for long walks 5K. Should I do anything special to prepare for the 5K? Make a “training” calendar as the runners of man? 🙂 My dog ​​is 2 years old, in good health. Laboratory mixture and possibly dachshund or terrier. Shes £ 23.Meilleure response: Answer by

should get used to walking 5 km before you go on the boardwalk. Like humans would slowly increase your distance walks. Also moniter his feet that you are increasing the distance. If it seems that his pads are worn, you may want to invest in a pair of boots for her. It looks like she is in good health but I would take him for a quick check up and seek advice from the vet before doing this. Good luck!

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  • You must increase your daily walk slowly until you are 5K. What is a good reason for you two to get in better shape! Try a different route every day to make it interesting for you both.

  • It’s great that you do this! 🙂 How is it used to not work? If it is much less than total of 5 km in one day, I suggest you at least get her used to go for long and make sure she is happy with him. It should not have physical problems, but it should benefit too! Enjoy! : O)

  • Its kind of hard to say because the laboratories have a lot of energy, especially at a young age. but I suggest training. On your daily walk, walk a greater distance each time. walk your dog a lot will strengthen the pads on your dogs paws. Swimming is a great way to train your dog for a walk of 5 km.

  • Yes, you have to “train” your dog for the 5K. It does not matter what race she is. Yes, you would form as “human” not runners. Dogs, like humans, need to build strength and endurance. While your at it, you should also learn to stretch the dog and do yoru PT on peanuts and the ball. Visit you will find the video on it.

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