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Q & A: Dog owners: would you be mad if someone did this to your dog?

question …… : Dog owners: would you be mad if someone did this to your dog Ok, so I was at the dog park – the type of park where dogs are free to run. This woman had her leash doberman big, the dog also had a saddle on his back (not sure what), and the owner of the dog, there was a dog trainer. When they are crossed with us, of course my dog ​​started to sniff the Doberman. The trainer told the dog owner, “let”. However, the Doberman clearly had problems with aggression extreme trainer walked around with a bottle of water for watering. Basically, they were there to socialize with other dogs doberman. The problem was that when their aggressive dog is no reason, she not only spray the dog, she was there to train, she sprays my dog ​​too, as to separate them. However, my dog ​​was not being aggressive at all. What really got me mad was his attitude. She walked the entire park with the water bottle and spray every dog ​​that came into contact with the doberman while using the other dogs as guinea pigs in the same time. She acted as if she had rights to other dogs and she could not treat it as happy. It is as if she wanted other dogs to interact with the Doberman, but when the Doberman aggressive, she sprays other dogs, too. I went to her and asked if she was a coach which she replied “yes.” I told him, “you can not go around spraying other dogs and punish them for trying to interact with other dogs. This is a dog park, not at the point of train aggressive dogs. ” She said, “He is not aggressive” to which I said, “Is that why he is leaving? That is why he was on it all the time? Is that why you walk with a bottle of water in your hand? I did not even punish my dog ​​this way so that you do not have the right to punish other dogs you are not the owner not to punish the dog. you have been hired to train “to nowhere, she sprays my dog ​​with water again right in front of me to push my buttons. That’s when I got in his face and pushed . It is an old woman well. I am in my 20 years, she is most likely 50 or 60 in it, so you’d think it would be more mature. She said, “I do not touch, “and I said,” then do not spray my dog, you old witch. “At this point, I tried to get it (no offense to older women on here). J ‘have an explosive temper as it is almost i went on it she said she was calling the cops. I said “go ahead.” So if you were in my situation, would you be mad too? @ Ladystan: Due to the saddle on the back, at first, I think the Doberman is a working dog or something. I did not know that he was leaving because he had aggression problems. I would also not see the water bottle in the first place … not until she sprays him and my dog, so I did he was not an aggressive dog later. Moreover, we had to cross with them because we were on a sidewalk (hard to explain) but yeah, note to self: avoid dogs on a leash from maintenant.Bon, people like Denis should shut up. This is a freaking dog park. dogs are not supposed to be on a leash in the dog park, and not one at least .. J ‘ I specifically mentioned. This is not a dog friendly park is a park chiens.WyrDachs: She sprayed my dog ​​causes me doing it again, but when I touch it, i break the law? haha ​​what a joke. Incidentally, there was already a cop by the park gate monitor the area, and he agreed that I was right. He told me to leave the dog park, too (they left) to appear fair. I told him that I do not leave until they come first … they went first and then I parti.Je’m a girl, not a guy . Myra, I see that you are an old witch, stop trying to look all hard and stuff. I’ma girl, and the woman I’m talking about is not the earliest year of 50-60 you can imagine. Hag had the body of a 20 year old, looked strong, energetic and dynamic. I’m 110 lbs. If I were a man, I would not put my hands on her règles.haha see how any the world is very emotional about the witch. If the witch is concerned about her safety, she must not act so as to cause others. Seems like everyone is overlooking this. If you think you are a helpless person insofar as your physical strength goes, then act accordingly. You can not provoke people, then turn around and act as if you were a poor helpless old woman when they react to you. Ex: 110 lbs to me … I pushed him. If she had pushed and I fell on my butt, I might have justified what I did by saying “hey It should not have pushed me! Did not she see that I was only 110 kg and?? much bigger than me You old hags have double standards is chosen écoeurant.Je response Elizabeth the best. You’re absolutely right, my daughter. About your answer was on site. funnier is that later, I discovered these people had a 3 year old child with them and he ran unattended all the time (which is prohibited in the park) … way to bring the prey instinct in dogs. @ Chix or Corvid formerly … Shut up, you old witch . You’re the one trying to look like Xena on the Internet. 100 You probably pop pills per day. I know I’ll be old someday too but I do with a double standard. I do not like not as old hags when you play the card of age. Best answer: Response

by Peany
Yes. She got what she deserved. Did not play around with other peoples dogs, and she was clearly being a jerk again by spraying your dog. I do not blame you for compare, although pushing her could be a too because she was an old lady.

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  • my dog ​​would not have had nearly the chiensi I saw that I would have left and contacted people chargeles dogs are not allowed to be kept on a leash in our park, and other restrictions.

  • Hell you! Although I would not have been so kind to my words. . . I like to swear DIL is good for dogs to socialize and not your fault at all dogs, I totally agree.

  • with the age difference, I would have pushed more before fleeing.

  • beeeootttcccchhh what I would tell him to go @ # $% off! Who is this ignorance to be like this!

  • If I had concerns about another dog, I would not allow my dog ​​to approach, with or without sprayer. This is YOUR dog is your choice to enable them to deal with your dog or non.C is one of the down sides of dog parks not everyone just be ethical or smart. Some of these dogs are aggressive, some of these dogs are sick, some of these dogs are happy and well socialized. You can not control who else is there with their chiens.Je would not have questioned the wife, I told her she had no right to spray my dog ​​in the face if it was with water or something and get his dog away from my chien.Vous have been wrong to start confrontation and insults. You could have done with a better result if you had not lost your froid.Elle had to call the cops because you lost your cool when kept under control was what should be done. You can not protect your dog if you lose your cool and go to someone else.

  • She was nervous that other dogs would intimidate and harass his chienparce that it is a probability of what happened before did cesséles dogs must be leashed … sorry this is not the answer you wanted

  • Now, if it were me, I would have seen the dog was on a leash and the woman worked with a coach, I never exceeded or that I’d let my dogs go. Regardless of whether it is a DogPark or not. So you see, I would not put myself or my dogs in the situation.You caused the situation. It would have been just as easy for your dog’s leash and walk backwards. BTW, you were wrong to get your hands on it. Now, if I were this lady, I would have called 911 and filed a complaint on your assult. You put your hands on her first and you had no right to do so.

  • Altogether. You should try to avoid dog parks. Because of an experience I had one, my dog ​​is now afraid of most dogs. A man brought his dog who had no previous interaction with dogs (non-reproductive) for a dog park. He said he had been in a kennel for 6 months. My puppy playful happy playing with other dogs, and came fry until unneutered dog socialized. The dog looked at my dog ​​growled and bit my dog ​​before I could do anything. Fortunately, it was not something requiring stitches. Dog parks are not for socializing. They are for reading. People do not seem to understand that. Many people take their dogs to dog parks to their problems dog burn energy at the expense of others. You’d better find friends with dogs and training a group game of your choice to your home or after hours at the dog park.

  • Yes, I’d be mad too, and after I did all that I grabbed his water bottle and sprayed, then walked away.

  • Bring a bottle of water spray with you next time you’re in the park. If you have the chance to see that witch again. Spray in his face every time she sprayed another dog

  • Yes, I was angry and told him gently hit if off and no, I’ve never pushed. I have had on my cell phone and called the police about his aggressive dog and what she did. Now as for you, young man, ha ha, did you pull this stunt with me at my ripe old age of nearly 67 YOU have been picking your A ** off the ground, then I would call the police. So put a lid on your mood when you kick a tree to explode. The way things are today many of us old broads take lessons from the defense and next time you may not be so lucky. Just a warning amical.Ne makes no difference whether man or woman you would still take your car.

  • I take it your a guy and you are at least 30 years younger than femme.Est this is that men are these days? Push old women in dog parks over the water sprays are harmless (but annoying) Be a man. grow. And walk away. This is why I want all young men under 25 placed on an island where they can be monitored with ankle braclets and kept in captivity until they are 31. Oh wait, they already did, it’s called AustralieHa! @ Myra – you go girl! *********************** You’re a girl! Good grief. You belong to this island too. And if you like a lot of plastic, you’re a witch one day too – so about yourself. Your attitude is pureile. I could forgive you if you were 8 years old. ************************** Concerned about the witch? In fact, the witch has a big dog. But you just a big mouth. Figure it out.

  • i allegedly asked to leave … a dog park for dogs social and not the place to put an aggressive one train to be nice … and if this woman had sprayed my dog ​​a second time just to be a bitch, I would have cracked over the head with my dog ​​chuck it and called animal control and the police … good for you to say something! too many people say nothing and just whine and complain in the background …

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