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Q & A: dog urinating problem …?

question by Creative Name : dog urinating problem … I know about the whole “crate training” thing that most people say will eliminate problems with dogs urinate inside., But I have some questions to about:-How does he will not urinate in the CRATE resolve the fact that he will not urinate in the house outside of the box?-How long can I keep it in the box? (C is a Yorkie)-Some people suggest to punish a dog when he urinates in the house, some people have suggested not to punish. Just what is the best way?-My yorkie is 10 months. How long does it usually for a dog to houstrained? Oh, and I had JUST a week ago. Sorry if I was not clear enough, no, I have not had for 10 mois.Meilleure response : Response

by bsassy
Okay … so your dog is peeing in the house .. You really have no way to fix it right There is therefore sufficient crate train your dog. obviously it works! So what is the problem you really have no choice, unless you do not want your dog to learn and I want to pee stinking house . Your puppy should be house trained or at least get the general idea in the week to have it. absolutely must not pee in the house 10 months. This is just ridiculous. You’re obviously not doing something thing correctly.

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  • Dogs do not like to eliminate where they sleep so a crate trains him to hold while in the crate. It also prevents him to pee anywhere outside the cage.Lorsque you out of the crate and take him outside he pees. He learns very quickly to make this association. He never has a chance to pee in the house (like newsprint), he will learn to pee outside much faster. It takes time to get a puppy all the time, but it’s worth coup.Si he pees, put it in the box, then clean up the mess with a neutralizing urine. Any shout can worsen the situation. If you set down and pick her food and water on a schedule, you can anticipate when he needs to go. This will also allow much easier. A dog does not need to water down all the temps.À 10 months, it can be house trained although I have heard that some dogs can have problems throughout their lives.

  • A puppy will urinate outside the box if it is not made at home. In a small community, the dogs will not pee or poop where they sleep – which is why crate training potty training easier. If you just release them from the box and not take them out, then they will now that the space is larger, go pot.Vous can keep a dog in a crate without fear of loss of control bladder about 1 hour after age in months – if you’re safe for 10-11 hours. If you leave it for so long, no, you can, yes. If you, NO. Dogs need to move and stretch and run and leave them in a crate that is not long to look at these choses.Je did not punish the dog. Some people say that if the act is done and you did not catch them when they do not know is their pee. I call bull on that one – dogs know the smell of their pee and they know the smell of another dogs pee. A dog will score more pee another dog, but not his own so they know it came from them. However, what they do not understand (even if they know it is there) This is why you’re rubbing their nose in it. I argue that buys! It’s over – they pee, they know it is there, but they do not know why it is not supposed to be there because they are not trained pot.Vous can train your dog potty in one week if you put your mind to it. You need a routine. Arise, walk the dog on a leash, for example go pee pee, go potty, no matter when they say good pee pee and praise praise praise. Walk, once again congratulations for cleanliness. Feeding and leave again, praise. Kennel. Come home, let out on a leash and praise praise praise. You ahve to be there and you have to see them go to affiliate bien.Attendez out by you in an accident or two and when you get one whack on the head nad yousefl say “I should make a better job watching my puppy. “Good luck

  • You must remember that your dog has been purchased at a petstore or a shelter where they are placed in crates most of the time it is a little more difficult. put newspapers in the body, except a small piece of paper and put more urinated newpaper in front of the door, the dog will go in and out. and old paper on top of the news. when he began to use the newspaper to the door again with out papers with his / her perfume on it and be patient, it will take some time. Remember toddlers have too many accidents, try to observe the signs that let you know when they are going and where they should be praised. they do not just say no pee, and put them out. remember patience is a virtue, with your voice scold you never rub the noses of dogs in it. that is animal abuse. oldtimers used to do, but you rub a diaper used in the face of a baby. keep it in the box if you’re at work or at bedtime until potty trained. to teach him to keep him out of the cage as much as you are at home, take it with you, walk him and give him lots of love. also if you prefer out of the cage and it is a marker, you can buy a man who is like wrapping a diaper dog so he can not pee on furniture. good luck to you

  • In general, dogs must be potty trained for 6 months when their bladders are fully developed. For small dogs sometimes you davantage.Garder the dog in the cage infact prevent them from going into the house, the trick to get them to go outside is to take as soon as you let them out of the box to empty their bladder. When they do the rents like crazy and even reward them with treats. This suggests that “if I do my business here I get stuff.” Never punish the dog for having an accident. If you catch all will shout something like “ah, ah, ah,” then turn right out of him and he will once again praise him as a fou.Il is to bring to log out as a good chose.Un small dog that is not potty trained yet I would leave every two hours at least, if not more. If you go out of the box and it will not, it put on a comparable 10 minutes and try again. You can even say something like “hurry up, go potty, go pee,” so that it can assimilate what it’s time to make his chose.Une Another method you can try what I do with my dog. Hanging chain with bells attached to it from the door handle or hook next to the door. When you make use of his paw to strike the bells and say that the sentence that you will use to let him know it is time to do its thing and get it out. If it hits the bells at any time or even goes near them on your own, take it out, it will involve them in the bathroom and in a day or two, it should obtain and sound bells let you know “hey I need to pee.” Also, if it is to drink a lot and urinate a lot, you may want to have her urine and make sure that there is no ‘infection.Bonne luck!

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