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Q & A: Dogs face rubbing in his own shit / Pee?

Question ? Dogs face rubbing in his own shit / Pee My family and I had a puppy, a week ago (February 3, 2012) we had two dogs before, but had obtained the full development, or ” potty trained, “This is a female American bulldog and pit bull mix. My stepfather is autistic (bass) and has FAS and some others, so it can be” moody “at times. Puppy is only 8 weeks, so when she poops or pees on the floor, the first thing he does is … Take the puppy by its col.Pick It Up.Et breaking his face in it.Then he rubs the autour.Je looked on the Internet, but he still uses it is autistic or has been beaten as a child as an excuse, saying that their not in its position.S it is not panic the dog, he is yelling at me for something I “made” Is it proper to rub your puppy / dog face in his / her own shit? How can we train her not to do that ? When it does, you can hear her cry or “cry” if you want. He says she does it because she knows he is in trouble, no matter what I say or do, it s ‘not stop. We went to a trainer, and they told him he was wrong, and he cried to his lungs in a store, saying he did not know “what the fu * k he spoke” I need a way to tell him, what he does for the puppy is bad and wont help in the long run without him yelling at me. I went to my mother in private and told him, but he’s brainwashing, she even started screaming at me, saying that it was his puppy, and he can do whatever he wants it. And that “It’s not my puppy (my mother got it for me) and that I should look after my own fu * king businessI’m just need help, Please! 🙂 Best answer : Answer by

call animal control and report abusappeler services for children and report abuse

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  • Your stepfather is abusing this dog. There will never be what he wants it to do by processing this way. Would he do the same thing to a baby 8 weeks? The puppy needs time to learn and they learn through repetition and reward. It takes temps.Très I honestly prefer to see you get rid of the puppy rather than leave in the hands of that idiot.

  • It is the abuse and négligenceIl is no excuse for abuse and négligenceLui report to animal control for abusing its animaux.Il is no sense in this regard. Rub the face of a dog in his own feces and urine do not make it less likely to shit or piss on the floor. This is a stupid, ignorant practice.

  • Hey, yeah rubbing the noses of dogs is the most ridiculous thing and cons-productive as you can ever do … Your stepfather is like a shot right, no offense … When you rub a dogs nose in its own excretions of the only thing you teach the dog is that you are really unhappy with the mess on the floor, or the disorder = pain … so the dog does not connect to inside pot with the disorder, he will go, look at the mess and then run and hide or “look guilty”, it can even begin to try to hide disorder by going behind the couch … etc. When training a dog positive reinforcement is necessary, not brutal intimidation … if he wants to treat a dog like that, then he should never have got a … I fell slap the sh1t like him just to be so narrow minded and stupid … beat a puppy to do something so natural! If I were you, and you feel like the puppy is in danger i would contact the SPCA … even pretend you are a neighbor who heard the puppy crying all the time …. But again, if I were you I would not pompous ass kicked in the teeth if it did! Sorry about your situation though, it’s always sad how obtuse some people may be …

  • It’s not appropriate! It is like taking a child under one year and to punish the child for messing around in their couche.Maintenant, this does not mean that you do not correct the puppy if you catch him in the act going in the wrong place. But you are correct with some corrections stern voice, or at most, leaving a correction appropriate for his age (which would be very light at that age). Housebreaking Help! 1.) Correct your dog every time he has an accident in home. Keep him confined either to a fund, or a dog run outside when you can not surveiller.2). Praise your dog when he eliminates outside (or on skates, so using tampons) .3.) Establish a specific location, and use a command you repeat (such as “Get busy! Get busy! Get busy! “) While you wait for your dog to eliminate outside .4.) Establish a feeding and watering a specific timetable, and take him right after he eats or drinks Water .5.) Use an enzyme odor neutralizer, as a product called “miracle of nature” (You can buy this at your local pet store or through a mail order catalog.) You will need ensure that any product you use is an enzymatic cleaner, meaning it is “decomposes” the urine or stool hard at a microscopic level, rather than just mask the odor. Or You can make your own by using common household ingredients you can buy for under $ 2.http :/ /

  • 1. Your dog is too young to be away from mère.2. With the health of your father and behavior, you should never have got a dog.

  • it’s just bad

  • This is a very difficult people. Maybe send other questions in the mental health section here. Is this your stepfather in the care of a professional? If this is the case, to get their nose in aide.Frotter it was part of the traditional methods, when I was a kid in the 50s. Unfortunately, most techniques very bad to dwell on. I reported someone for abuse last night who told the faire.Je’m afraid all you can do is make the housebreaking best job posible it. Play close attention to her and never let an accident happen. For methods that work, see my answer to Dogs are naturally clean animals and will eventually tame, even with such abuses. The better job you do, the easier it will be for her. Good chanceVous will need to otherwise protect its formation. If you are the right age, dog training 4-H is a great idea. In my area, clubs form soon after the start of the year. Even many urban areas have 4-H. For more info look in your phone book under government listings for extension or cooperative extension offices. Ask specifically about a dog or canine club. Dogs see all the people and dogs in the household as a pack, each with their own rank in the pack and a top dog. Life is much easier if the 2 legged pack members outrank the 4 legged ones. You can learn to play the role of top dog by reading some books or going to a good obedience class. A good obedience class or book is to be the top dog, not rewarding standard commands a treat. Start

  • This is not only the puppy – the puppy abuse is a symptom. And just because he was diagnosed with autism do not give him license to abuse someone – the puppy or a family member and that’s what he does. You must get help, fast. Take this puppy with you, and go to the police station. You are abused, and so is the puppy. You both deserve better. Please, please – go get help. It will get worse, not better, and your mom is a classic abused spouse. it is not able to protect one of you – but you can get help, and must. Delete this matter so as not to find, and GO. I am very serious.

  • GET this puppy out of there – TODAY! What he did was cruelty beyond belief and inutile.Appelez the breeder and tell them what happens if you can not take the puppy back yourself . All I can say other than new a / c, I just hope you do this.

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