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Q & A: Dogs ……..?

Question ¸ • * ‘`* ♥ ♥ *` Ayyildiz’ * • ¸ : ..? …….. dogs I own 5 months 2 weeks old German Shepherd puppy and I noticed something unusual. Well, as we live in an apartment, we had to “train Balcony Paper” him. its great and poops outside on the balcony, but recently I noticed he did something that cats are known to have done and I’ve never heard of it in dogs. It covers his poop .. pee and once its done … Has anyone experienced this with their dog??? Thnx x X XII picks up the paper with his nose, as it covers …. I thought it was quite unusual, do not think the dogs did. 🙂 This is my dog! 🙂 Best answer : Response

by alisa
how does it cover? some dogs start their hind legs after they will spread the fragrance. sometimes results in shit being covered, but it is not the real reason for the ADD: haha ​​I have not seen but I have seen questions on this site about dogs peoples hiding their shit but I have no idea why slightist. could he have seen a cat do?

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  • my dog ​​that … it is not uncommon

  • Thats awesome, I wonder if you could teach him to flush, LOL what a smart dog, I love

  • I saw zero dirt dogs poop before .. BTW, if your avatar is your dog … he is adorable!

  • I think some dogs just do that. I know that many dogs will do their business, then go back behind their hind legs kicking grass or dirt on top of it ci.Je’m sure this is something instinctive to cover your scent so that other animals do not know that you are there.

  • maybe hes scared. nothing to fear. wait until it is larger and moves the sofa to hide you

  • get online on msn! omg craig still loves me! btw and my dog ​​does that too. sound instinct 🙂

  • Most dog behaviors that we find strange (covering shit, shit rolling in, smell before doing business around before bedtime, etc..) Is based on instinct. They did not really think about what they do, they just do it because they are programmed by Mother Nature.

  • My boxer does. It is not unusual. German Shepherds are very intelligent. Maybe he does not want to look it.LOL!

  • my dog ​​covers his activities when done, but not like yours. 🙂

  • he is well cared for! LOL ….. I’ve never heard that, but you might want to do is start after recess and eat, take him outside on a grassy area and say “go poop … hurry” . The “hurry up” command you will benefit a lot especially in bad weather! So when he gets older, you do not want him shit and piss on the balcony and the chances are, it can be slipped inside.

  • I’ve seen some dogs that, my old Cocker Spaniel has done. My dogs that I now do not it, but I think it is to worry about anything?

  • The shepherd I used to have done that. He would always throw dirt and leaves on it. His instinct. The spitz I had done the same thing.

  • OK … it is because he has the instinct to do so. It serves as a security for caution in nature.Vous would normally see in dogs that have a smaller area to shit, because it is nearest aka “dens”. This is not an isolated case common, but it is known to happen, and most of the time he has seen in wild canids, for example. The goal is not to attract predators or rivals – although I’m sure he did not, he could still feel as if it does, it is in this âge.Est that make sense? 🙂

  • yes my dog ​​does it with his nose grows and covers the grass with very cute lol

  • My dogs sometimes turn it back, so to speak, where they came to their business, and dig it with hind legs, throwing dust on it. I do not know why they do it, but it is not the only thing they do as a cat. (They also set up on the back of the sofa, and clean their paws.)

  • Yes, it is right on the concrete????? I’ve seen dogs do this, when potty trained to a specific field as a puppy, they will cover m …….. I have a friend of his Westie does the same thing ..

  • When I had my German Shepherd i joing they answered all trainers German Shephards all trying to reach they will answer all your questions I believe mine is 7 1/2 months now and shes one man hand full

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