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Q & A: English Bulldog and small children? Level of care?

mamaladybok Question : English Bulldog and small children? Level of care? I would absolutely delighted to have an English bulldog. I have a small child so I have mixed feelings about a puppy now. Does anyone have a bulldog and children? How did you “learn” to tolerate each / respect for others? So this level of care can I expect to put in a new bulldog puppy for months? Best answer: Answer by

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have many health problems and can be runny. How old is the child? Probably not the best pet for a child, not exactly fun, run around guy who does tricks.

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  • Typically, an English Bulldog is great with kids, they are very casual and can be taken when a child can be a bit too aggressive and smack the dog etc. (All children do) Overall, it takes a lot to make a English bulldog crazy. You can also think of a French bulldog, they are generally more casual than an English Bulldog and tend to clown around a bit more. Good luck

  • 3-yes I have three small children. We have always had respect for the bulldog and pit bull breeds. I never had any problems with aggression or race. The key to realtionship love each other, is respect. As a puppy, I never let the children bullied or hurt the puppies. I always let them play with the puppies while they ate so they will not break later in life if children htem approached while eating. I often reference the site, they have very valuable information on the adjustments easier. I think two races in particular get a bad rap in the media. These horror stories we hear on the nes on children and babies maulled by dogs are the effects or irresponsible owners. Infact, my dogs protect my children, if other dogs are approaching near my children in the court during play, circle our childrenand our dogs will not even let the dogs get close! Support for bulldogs levelof is a bit higher than some other dogs because they become big dogs and as a parent you need to ensure reasonable Saftey your child in the coming years. Thank you very much for asking this question, I always think people like you can change the stigma placed on bulldogs and pit bulls. Good luck to hold your puppy lil ‘!

  • I’ve got two olde English bulldogs (17 months and 15 months boy girl) and I feel all the dogs I’ve had, they are by far the best dogs I’ve had, they are great with children * Yes, they drool a little, but in fact one of my dogs had excessive drooling at times, in general, lazy and happy go lucky dogs. dogs highly recommended!! English olde english, olde English dogs are also what I understand are more “healthy” breeed family bulldog, (not exactly) if you have any questions please contact itsybitsyspyder037@yahoo.comK

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