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Q & A: Fear of dogs boyfriends?

question Maci <3 : fear of dogs boyfriend Sorry for the re-post, I just wanted some answers plusMon boyfriend has two German Shepherd who I am very scared. The only reason I’m scared of dogs, because they constantly bark, jump and scratch me. I’m not usually afraid of dogs, but I’m still very uncomfortable when I walk in the door, because that is when they get angry. Whenever I enter the room where they are, they will jump and scratch as well. I have a yellow lab, so they are the same size as my dog, but mine never jumps and scratches. I really love my boyfriend and do not want to break up with him during his dogs, but they really scare me. We are both 15 years old, and I do not mean to be rude to his parents considering my dog ​​is the exact size (probably more), but only more wisely. I told my boyfriend that they scare me, but everything he does is just trying to get me, and now I’m already scratched. I am short only 5 feet tall so it is likely they look at me like a great toy. His parents get angry if they are locked in a room if we can not do that. Suggestions? 30 minutes ago – 4 days left to répondre.Détails supplémentairesJe do not think it is for me to try to “train” their dogs because they are not mine. I really enjoy going to his house because he has a house just be less fun in general. And we can not be locked in a room set (both 15, our parents did not allow him .. yeah you get the picture lol) 18 minutes ago @ Suki – exactly! I do not want to tell his parents how to train dogs. Plus i they were rescues and they do not have dogs as puppies to train. His parents just yell at the dogs, thinking it will do something. I do not want to hurt the dog, but they just can not get their cervix and at least pull down? There are 15 minutesJ’ai told my boyfriend they scare me, and he did really anything about it. His mother did not like me already (apparently my shorts are too short and I’m talking about inappropriate things), so I do not want to give him another reason not to like me. In all honesty, it has a weird family. They can not see exactly what is evident, for example, how I am uncomfortable when dogs jump on moi.Il are 9 minutesIl 11 hours ago – 4 days left to further répondre.Détails @ Foon – No, they arent quiet when they see the dogs on me. They yell at them, which I think has a more négatif.Il 11 hours ago @ Foon – When his parents walk, they seriously ignored. Dogs are generally just wild. It is a male and female, I do not know if this has something to do with it aussi.Il are 11 heuresMeilleure response:

Answer by I like My Doberman Pinscher!
You MUST understand that his famille.Demandez them to start training with them not to jump, and ask if you can participate in training sessions. Dogs have no manners, and they need to be taught some uns.Si you are not comfortable expressing it, do not exceed. Propose to spend time with your boyfriend at home or elsewhere. Clear to both him and his parents.

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  • Dogs are not wild just inexperienced. If they do not allow dogs to be put in place while you’re there, you do not want the dogs jump on you and you will do nothing to correct their behavior … then do not go there.

  • ok im sorry you trouble if it sounds like your fear, you absolutely should not stop with him tell him your afraid of the dogs you get scared when you walk in the door and they start barking and scratching im sure you will understand and if not try to understand clearly and he will try his best too, and I have a lot of dogs, so I know that if you turn when dogs jump on you, they stop jumping on you then i also know that this kind of dog is huge im sorry dog ​​also probably make him happy, just as you should not tell him to get rid if the dogs you eather make them happy and you should not like him to get rid of you, so be carfull what you say do not feel bad

  • It is not your place to tell her parents to train their dogs ill mannered. Firstly, they do not like you’ve maybe that’s why they do nothing to help you. I also do not think it is your responsibility to train but you can learn to control a little without upsetting her parents. My suggestion to you is to carry treats with you. When you let them know you have a treat. Give them a little. This will distract you jump. Immediately tell them to sit down and give them another. If you still deals eventually they do not get them unless they are seated, they learn that the treatment is more important than jumping on you. Looks like they do not have many people to the house if you are very exciting for dogs. You should try not to be afraid of them, because they feed on it. Maybe you and your boyfriend may take them for a walk. This will help you gain some control over them, too, and it will not be in front of his parents.

  • Her parents do not like you. His parents refuse to train dogs or fix when you enter the house. You are small and these dogs hurt you jumping all over the body and can easily make you fall and if that happens, the dogs continue to be with you in a manic frenzy and just might make you spilled break a bone, etc. let alone the fact that dogs are too excited which could lead to a fight between dogs and you piquer.Maintenant we have that the way you have no choice but to take control of the situation that concerns you. Just YOU. You are not responsible for the training of dogs, but you can be more assertif.Essayez and see how it works. When you walk in the door, do not make eye contact. Do not talk. Do not touch them with your hands. No eye contact / speak / no contact. Nothing dire.Vous advance as tight as you can and use your knees, elbows and feet to keep them away from you and continue to do so until they stop. I also suggest to yourself a good pair of steel-toed boots, chin and elbow guards. Then use the equipment. You will not hurt the dogs. You’ll just make them extremely uncomfortable. And do not worry! Before you walk in the door, you say that you are in charge and keep this attitude.Pour do this, and there will come a time when they will give you your space and respect.

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