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Q & A: Galore Dog Training!?

Question !? Galore Dog Training 1. How can I become a renowned dog trainer? From my knowledge there are no recognized training programs that teach … its more or less to have a mentor and training dogs for years and annéesDésolé for all you 20 something dog “experts” … but,,,, eh NO2. How do you become a dog “behaviorist” and that came with the “title”? WTH is a dog “behaviorist”? Dog trainers know the behavior of dogs … end of the discussion.3. WTF walking training dolphins, primates and birds have to do with dogs? I was told by several people here who “oooooh, my coach has a PhD in training animals” … uhuh! There is no program Bachelor / Master / PhD for the behavior of dogs .. AUCUN.PS. For all you little trolls …. How long does it take you delete this question? Do you take weekends off? or are you still in the process of Sudays? ***** * Sunday I had a chicken for a pet before … he lived for a few days in my constant “care” … lmao ….. I say “No, I did not kill him” Best answer : Answer Rotten Rotts by

Allows the DS Restore Sanity
j ‘ Dawgs have trained for dang near 30 years and I’m a legend in my own esprit.Sérieusement no title, it is necessary to any expériencevous can train a chicken??

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  • Have owned and trained dogs for 44yrs now .. I’m coming with a header that says I am a renowned dog trainer and fridge magnets .. Before I use to stray from home and hide it in my basement of the parents .. My training was so good when I was 8 years old they have learned not to bark if my mother did’nt realize there was a zoo down :)))

  • I agree with Rotten Rotts … Experience is the only teacher … Go to all kinds of seminars with trainers already familiar with. You can choose from what you have learned what is appropriate to your style.J ‘ve been to many different trainers with all five of my dogs … Some “clicker training” as some believe in positive reinforcement, some believe in positive reinforcement with some corrections and some believe in “the discipline and correction” …. It just depends on you … . what do you think? And no – trolls do NOT take Sunday off!

  • I do not know “re known”, but, you become a dog trainer because it’s something you really enjoy and that you “feel” for a call. You do it by working for or with someone who has done a long time and whose skills and experience that you meet. You become a dog trainer having trained hundreds of dogs and prevents anyone in their 20s … simply not enough time there bas.Vous become a better dog trainer by experimenting with different methods until you find something that works for your type of training and not to change his mind when the latest fad comes autour.Seule experience is able to teach you. Regarding the second part, again, I have no idea, never got called that, never wanted, I’m a coach, not a behaviorist, but in order to train, I must first recognize a behavior to make a change in it … I’ve never trained a chicken or a monkey, could not tell you about how to do, I’ll leave that to those who have experience in this area, however, I also want them to leave the world of dog training only to those with experience it aussi.Comment things appear in a laboratory environment is a very different story, so how are they in the real world. I hope I helped.

  • 1) You raison.2) A bunch of crap. Sorry. I met two so-called * behavioral * when I was a host family. ~ Talk to my rescue organization coordinator Sandy ~ *, * Ralph * Glen aggressive dog, we had stopped ** Sandy, Ralph aggressive dog is * tomorrow * Bring Petco. The behaviorist ** will * that the rapid up décisionAvance Petco: * Hi, Susy. I’m Glen. Ralph * is * aggressive dog I’ve checked him. He is not aggressive dog. How do you know? ** He attacked four of my dogs ** Your dog, he started ** No. Everyone has been entered correctly. He went after the four punches and I was not going to let him go after more of my dogs ** Glen, dear ……. it takes time for adjustment ** I know, dear Susy. But they were full blown “I’m gonna beat the crap out of you ‘attacks ** Ralph can not be in a household of multiple dogs ** You have a muzzle on him. Did this all the time on your house? ** No, it was a kennel to my vet. I can not have it in my house. He died * Fast forward the behaviorist take the muzzle off Ralph and him walking through Petco where it goes after a client and GS before I could leave him on the GS, he turns around and goes after me, then he proceeds to go after the behaviorist at that time I had to pull up on the ground through his leash and collar while trying to get the nose back sur.Le behaviorist was in shock . I was angry. Ralph walked away with someone else host. I wish him chance.3) I have never seen a chicken but I trained a bird who tells you to F ~ OFF if you are too close to his cage.

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